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Page last updated at 17:12 GMT, Sunday, 29 November 2009
Climate change concern for birds
Mike Stentiford
Mike Stentiford believes a major change is needed for islanders to wake up to climate change

In December 2009 world leaders will be meeting in Copenhagen to discuss the issue of climate change.

They will be debating a successor to the Kyoto agreement which would commit nations to slowing climate change and the rise of temperatures as a result.

The Royal Society of the Protection of Birds will be represented in Copenhagen at the summit.

A Jersey naturalist, Mike Stentiford believes that a major change will be needed for people to take notice.

The RSPB have got grave concerns about how climate change is affecting birds around the world.

"I think the will would be there if all of a sudden something major happened that made us sit bolt upright and say 'we really have lost this', there's going to be a really big change here," said Mike.

Mike Stentiford says at the moment the impact of global warming is too subtle for people really take it on board.

He's doubtful that people in Jersey truly have the will to alter their habits to protect wildlife and stop climate change.

"The changes so far seem to be so subtle that we're not really getting to grips with them.

"They're happening but we're not really taking them on board, we do need something fairly dramatic.

"I'm not sure what that's going to be but it is what we're going to need," Mike said.

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