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Page last updated at 12:55 GMT, Wednesday, 6 October 2010 13:55 UK
Jersey money helps Pakistan flood victims

Tim Pryor
Tim Pryor
BBC Jersey

Pakistan floods
Mr Jamali travelled to Pakistan to distribute aid money

Money raised in Jersey is helping to feed and support those affected by the recent floods in Pakistan.

A surgeon from the island's General Hospital took cash out to the country, where most of his family still live.

Sarfraz Jamali told BBC Jersey he has now received about £5,000 from generous islanders, and he has already distributed more than £1,300 of aid.

Some of the money is being used to pay for burials and it is also helping groups to distribute food and medicine. More than 1,700 people have been killed in the disaster.

Collections were made in Jersey's catholic churches following a radio appeal on BBC Jersey.

They said they saw children's bodies floating, I couldn't bear the thought of it
Sarfraz Jamali

Mr Jamali told BBC Jersey: "I bought food stuff on a large scale and distributed it.

"Jersey has played a great part. The scale of the disaster is beyond imagination, it's huge.

"Even if it's a drop in the ocean, it [the donations from Jersey] is great, and at least a few families are getting benefit out of it."

Mr Jamali, a Muslim, said his faith helped him on his visit to Pakistan, and was helping local people to cope with the disaster.

He said: "It helped a great deal. It's fascinating to see that in this heat and with a lack of everything, people are still fasting.

"In Ramadan we give a lot to charity, so there was a lot of charity from the public in Pakistan which has helped enormously.

"I met in Karachi city two ladies and I became tearful when they said they saw children's bodies were floating, I couldn't bear the thought of it, it was very upsetting."

Mr Jamali hopes to return to Pakistan in the winter to distribute more of the money raised by islanders, including a donation from Senator Terry Le Sueur, Jersey's chief minister.

The plan is to install water pumps and pay people to stitch quilts for homeless people.



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