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The Methodist church at Sion is to close
Methodist Chapel at Sion
The last service at the Methodist chapel at Sion was on 13 June 2010

If you drive to St John then it's inevitable that you will have noticed the huge Methodist Chapel which dominates the area.

The date above the entrance portico is 1880, the Sion Chapel was built at a time of confidence and optimism.

But those times are past and the costs of maintaining such a large building are too much for a congregation which is but a fraction of what it was.

The last service held there was in the middle of June 2010.

Richard Dupre is property steward at the chapel and he said the church had to close as there wasn't the money available.

"We decided we couldn't carry on after the nursery was closed, we were given special dispensation for two years to allow the nursery to run but now the nursery is closing the church has to close," said Richard.


He said that it is a very sad time for Methodists in the parish as this is the last Methodist church in St John.

"When Sion closes a lot of them will go to the Methodist church nearer to wear they live and those of us living in St John will go to the United Reform Church just up the road.

"It's the last Methodist church in St John, it's very sad that there is going to be no more Methodist church in St John," said Richard.

Tracey Ingle is the historic buildings advisor at Jersey's Planning & Environment department and she said it is a typical Methodist church.

"The starting point is the character of the building we're stood in. It's a very typical Methodist church.

"With the gallery behind us, the pews are all intact and we have this rather interesting and wonderful 1920s organ console, so the best use for this building is a church," said Tracey.

She went on to say that it was important the interior was looked after as part of any proposed changes of use.

"It's a remarkably modest interior and it is not unusual for a Methodist church to have that very fine, clean and simple lines of space.

"The interior is part of the joy of this building and its conservation is something that would have to be handled through a process of change should that change be required in the future," said Tracey.

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It should be used as a mutual worshipping place for building conservation officers.

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