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Derek Warwick talks fatalism
Derek Warwick in actiuon during the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix
Derek Warwick raced in Formula 1 for 12 years

Derek Warwick is known to many of us as a racing driver in Formula 1 and in sports cars.

It is an extremely dangerous occupation and one that requires you, perhaps, to be fatalistic and this is the case with Derek.

He says he lost many friends over the years, including his younger brother.

Derek believes that God protects good people, but at the same time says that when your number is up there is nothing you can do about it.

Derek was brought up in Hampshire in a close knit family running Warwick Trailers. His life has been heavily influenced by two men, his father and his uncle.

These two men played a different and complementary influence on his emerging character.

"I kind of was lucky in my life because I was brought up with two fathers. My real father was very conservative, loving and very understanding.

"His brother, who was also a partner of Warwick trailers, was quite the opposite. He was outrageous, a daredevil he was someone who was fun to be with he was just something that was very different.

My little brother was a good person but he was killed at 22 so it doesn't ring true. Why should the Lord save one and not the other?
Derek Warwick

"He used to push me that little bit that my dad used to stop me doing. These two men gave me my life they gave me a chance.

"My ambition when I was young was to be world champion and run Warwick trailers. I achieved both of those goals at a very early age," said Derek.

Derek was involved in Formula one racing during the early '80s. He said it was a particularly dangerous time.

"During the twelve years of my Formula One career I lost 17 colleagues, including my little brother. My little brother was killed in a race car at the age of 22," said Derek.

"That brought a lot of things home to me. Up until that point it always happened to someone else it will never happen to me. You had to have that faith.

"I believe when your time is up it is up. I also think that basically if you are a good person I would like to think the Lord will look after you. I have risked my life many, many times so a lot of people will say that you can use your lives up."

Derek still questions the death of his younger brother who was killed when he was 22.

"My little brother was a good person but he was killed at 22 so it doesn't ring true. Why should the Lord save one and not the other?

"All I can say is that I try and live my life to the full. I enjoy life and I enjoy people. I try to be honest with everyone and I think that at the end of the day I am here for a good reason. To try and set good standards and good principles to a lot of people," he said.



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