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Page last updated at 08:34 GMT, Tuesday, 1 February 2011
Jersey born Henry Cavill will be the next Superman
Henry Cavill
Jersey born Henry Cavill will play Superman in the next instalment of the franchise

The Jersey actor, Henry Cavill, has been named as the new Superman in the next instalment of the franchise.

Cavill, from St Brelade in Jersey will play Clark Kent in the movie, due for release at the end of 2012.

The film will be directed by Zack Snyder who said the 27-year old is the perfect choice to don the cape.

The Earl of Jersey, William Villiers, was at the same school as Henry and has started a twitter meme asking people to nominate their #superbeans.

Henry Cavill was born in Jersey and went to St Michael's preparatory school in St Saviour before going to Stowe boarding school in Buckinghamshire.

Lord Jersey said: "Initially it was just to congratulate Henry and get everyone behind him and support him but also broadened people's realisation of Jersey and what we're about.

"It's turned into this idea about about being a superbean.

There are many people out there who are doing really hard work, really good work for the island, often unsung heroes.
Earl of Jersey, William Villiers

"Being somebody who has done really well and should be recognised by the people of Jersey for that."

But being a superbean doesn't necessarily mean you are a star of stage and screen like Henry Cavill or music stars like Nerina Pallot.

It doesn't mean you are a superstar of the sports world like Matt Banahan or Graeme le Saux - it is about Jersey beans doing brilliant things.

Lord Jersey said "There are many people out there who are doing really hard work, really good work for the island, often unsung heroes.

"They need to be recognised just as much as Henry Cavill."

Jersey Democratic Alliance Chairman, Ted Vibert, suggested the island should have a roll of honour to celebrate islanders that are successful.

The name Jersey Bean came from the amount of 'bean crock' islanders used to eat. English speaking visitors, who believed islanders eat nothing else dubbed the locals 'Jersey Beans'.

Henry Cavill found fame playing Charles Brandon in the Tudors and was shortlisted to play James Bond, when he was beaten by Daniel Craig to the part.

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Who would you nominate as a superbean? Nerina Pallot? Matt Banahan? Henry Cavill? Honorary police? Lifeboat volunteers?

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Nej, St Helier

Mr Colin Powell would be my nomination. A humble and a modest man with great talents, determination and knowledge, who has given this island community a very long public service willingly and freely even in his retirement. A peacemaker with good intentions and a track record to show. I wish he would stand for chief minister !!!!!He is the kind of leader jersey men and women would be proud of.

Superman screened at Branchage
17 Sep 10 |  Arts & Culture



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