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Page last updated at 10:46 GMT, Thursday, 23 December 2010
Jersey Telecom launch 1GB fibre broadband trial
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Jersey Telecom demonstrated 1GB broadband

The first homes in Jersey are now able to access broadband speeds of up to 1gb after Jersey Telecom started their fibre trial.

Flats in the new Castle Quay development in St Helier were the first place to have access to service.

Jersey Telecom say this is the fastest residential broadband connection outside of South Korea.

The government owned company are spending £40m over the next few years to give more people 1gb access.

Graeme Miller, Jersey Telecom CEO, said: "We don't think anyone else is doing this at the moment.

"One of the most difficult things is demonstrating the speed because we have not been able to find any commercial sites that provide a gigabit link that people can use."

The intention is that by 2016 anyone on the island who wants a 1GB connection will be able to get it.
Graeme Miller, JT CEO

During a demonstration of the 1GB service at a flat in the new Castle Quay development a 855mb high definition movie was downloaded in 10 seconds.

But Mr Miller said it was very difficult to demonstrate 1GB speeds as there are no commercial websites able to serve pages at that speed.

Companies in the UK are also trying to increase their internet speeds but Mr Millar said that Jersey Telecom announced their plans first and will get their sooner.

He said: "I think if you go back and look through the record we started to talk about gigabit Jersey on 30 April, which is about three weeks before BT announced their plans.

"But I don't think it is a coincidence that every forward looking telecoms company, forward looking nation is trying to do this."

Mr Miller said the high speed service was only available to Castle Quay at the moment because it gave them an easier environment to try out the new technology.

He said: "There is a lot of information we need to gain in order to do the full scale rollout and we are planning to start the full scale rollout in late summer or early autumn of 2011.

"We have got to find out a lot of information, what is the right technology to use, how much is it going to cost. The trial is about discovery so we can do a good job going forward."

Mr Miller told BBC Jersey they are able to afford this huge investment in the current climate because their investment in the back end network is slowing down.

It is hoped every home in the island will be able to access 1GB broadband by 2016

He said they are currently spending £20m a year, that will be reducing and so will now be spending £40m over the next few years on the 'last mile' network.

That means fibre to each home in the island.

Mr Miller said: "The intention is that by 2016 anyone on the island who wants a 1GB connection will be able to get it."

It isn't going to be the cheapest service though, prices aren't known yet as it is still at the trial phase, but Mr Miller expects it to be around £100 per month for 1GB.

"Today Virgin Media in the UK launched a 100mb service and they are charging around £45 per month, so I think a gigabit service might cost around £100 per month."

There will still be other speed options available for people not wanting to spend £100 per month, and new technology will allow people to opt for a short burst of high speed internet.

Mr Miller said: "One of the great things in the future is that you may pay for a slower speed but then if for some reason you need the fast speed for a few minutes you can get a turbo boost in pay per usage."



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