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Page last updated at 09:28 GMT, Thursday, 21 October 2010 10:28 UK
States pay call rejected by PPC
Senator Ben Shenton
Senator Ben Shenton wants a change to the way politicians are paid

The body that monitors the government in Jersey has said members pay should not be set at different amounts.

The Privileges and Procedures Committee said it strongly opposes the move to alter pay for 2011.

Senator Ben Shenton has lodged a proposition asking members to discuss whether they should be paid differing salaries depending on responsibilities.

The Senator, if backed, wants the States Members' Remuneration Review Body to review the current pay system.

PPC said the purpose of the body being introduced in 2003 was to stop debates on pay happening on the assembly floor.

They say it is inappropriate for members to discuss their own pay.

It says it accepts that the issue of paying members different salaries is a controversial one but suggests an alternative suggestion by the Senator of means-testing would be a backward step for the government.

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