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New bus service changes proposed
Bus Station
Deputy Tadier wants the bus station opened later

Deputy Montfort Tadier wants to see improvements made to the island's bus service and for the bus station to be open later in the evening.

He also wants more done to encourage extra people to use the bus in Jersey.

"In the winter the bus station shuts at 6.30 and we know that lots of people work shifts and use the bus late.

"I don't think it is satisfactory for them to be sitting outside in the cold and rain when we've got a perfectly good bus station," said Deputy Tadier.

The Deputy asked the Transport Minister to look into the possibility of Liberation Station being kept open later in the evenings.

He says it would mean commuters aren't left sitting outside in the bad weather to wait for their bus.

The man responsible for the bus station, The Minister for Transport and Technical Services, Constable Mike Jackson, said he wasn't unsympathetic to the idea of opening the centre later into the evening.

However, Constable Jackson has said that there is a balance to be struck between the comfort of bus users and the security of the station.

"It is a sad fact of life that we do have to close the bus station in the evenings for fear of it being damaged by an element who take joy in doing such things.

The Deputy has proposed a number of changes to the bus service

"And I feel it is wrong that the genuine users of the bus service have to sit outside," Constable Jackson said.

Deputy Tadier also wants the States to consider the idea of using double-decker buses on some routes.

He also thinks introducing an electronic ticket system would save time and paper, and using something along the lines of the London Oyster card could work well.

The Deputy also thinks there should be a transfer system which allows people to change buses within a certain time for the same price.

And we wants Connex to consider a free bus day to encourage more people to use the service.

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St Ouenian

I think its ridiculous that there are plenty of buses often empty running on certain routes when there are hardly any buses that pass through other areas.

Funny how when a certain member of the States was in charge of transport there were plenty of buses that frequented his local pub from all over the island.. and yet the more rural parishes only had a couple of buses in the later hours.

Carfree Day in Jersey in 2010
22 Sep 09 |  Jersey



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