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Street views of Jersey join site
Big Ben on Google Street View
Street View has proved popular with tourists before visiting a destination

Cars mounted with cameras have begun touring Jersey's roads as website Google compiles images to add the island to its Street View application.

The service will allow internet users to take a 360-degree virtual tour with photographs appearing on Google Maps.

Street View has been met with privacy complaints, as it photographs homes and businesses, since its launch in 2007.

Google has always said the service observed the law and automatically obscures individuals identity.

Earlier this month, an open letter signed by privacy commissioners in 12 countries including the UK, expressed concern that "the privacy rights of the world's citizens are being forgotten as Google rolls out new technological applications."

'Explore then visit'

Branded Google cars have taken to the island's public roads, but Google said it would be several months before the images will be available on the internet.

Laura Scott, a Google spokeswoman, said: "It will give maps users the chance to explore this beautiful island in a new way and then come and visit in person.

"We estimate it will take us a week or do to gather the images and this is an ideal time of year to gather great pictures."

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Will you ask for images of your house or car to be removed from Street View or do you think it's a good thing for Jersey?

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Si, St Helier

I think it's excellent news, and no I won't be asking to have my house removed..

People won't see anything they wouldn't see by walking past anyway!

Rory, Highlands College

I think Google Street Views is a brilliant idea and it will be good for tourists to see what a amazing place Jersey really is

Jean, St Peter

@Wooldridge, St Mary

What on earth are you talking about?

Google Street View UK has been fantastic - perhaps you can give examples of how it's increased the rate of burglaries

Roger, St Clement

I struggle to see why there are any objections to the Google camera cars - do you object to people driving down your road?

If the camera teams were jumping over garden fences, walking in people's front doors, or using some kind of x-ray cameras then I could understand the objections, however they're not - the pictures that are being taken are pictures that any Tom, Dick or Harry could take themselves by driving down the street.

The only reason that I can see that there would be an objection to these pictures would be if the subject was embarrassed, or ashamed of what was captured in the picture - if this was the case then why was it done in public in the first place?

I believe the 'Street view' is a great opportunity for people considering visiting the island to get a taste of the amazing sights that are here, and hopefully encourage them to come and visit for themselves. Surely free advertising like this for the island should be welcomed?


I think it is a good thing to see jersey on the google street view as it means when I want to see my favorites place I can, and you might get more tourist to your island as well.

McSporren, St Ouen

It's about time the Channel Islands got put on the G-Map. For those concerned about privacy, it's not hard to go round and look at properties during the day or night, as far as burglaries are concerned. People can see your house regardless. If you are so worried, why don't you live underground? Get with the programme - it's 2010 for crying out loud.

Andy, St Saviour

I dont know what people are moaning about, google are going to do it any ways, they have been all over the world with there kitted out vauxhall and its about time jersey has been heard of...

Google will be driving in ever knuck and cranny of jerseys roads including housing estates.

Peoples faces & car registration plates will be bleared out dut to data protection, if people have a problem you can report the image to google and they will remove it..

Stefan, St Saviour

Surely Google should ask for the Island's consent before driving around taking pictures of everyone/thing?

Laura, St John

I think its a great idea personally it really puts jersey on the map, literally on an international level, it will no longer be the middle of nowhere. As for the sercurity risks to houses if burglar really did want to break in, its a small island n very hard to get lost, it wont really speed them up. ok ill admit there is a small privacy disclosure as the out side of house may be shown.. but personally i think thats as far as it goes

Wooldridge, St Mary

I will definitely oppose the street map pictures of my house and property appearing in Google on the grounds of privacy.

This unregulated intrusion to photographically record the properties located in various parishes in the Island is a charter to allow burglaries to take place , with very little recourse.

Once upon a time one could leave doors unlocked. no more. this intrusion does nothing for our friendly Island.


There are security issues with this - believe me. It's a good idea - if there are no idiots in the world.

Darren, St Peter

Good idea, let's show the world what a mess the States made of the waterfront

Jason, Grouville

I think it is an absolute fantastic idea, for once Jersey is in the real world. Bring it on Google...

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