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Jersey Live Battle of the Bands blasts the Havana Club

Sam Falle
Sam Falle
BBC Introducing Blast Reporter

Bones will play on the festival's main stage

Bones and Pirate Video Company fight off stiff competition to win this year's Jersey Live Battle Of The Bands.

It is likely the most diverse billing of acts this yearly battle has ever seen. Positiv put together the shortlist of the nine to duke it out for the prize of opening the Main Stage at Jersey Live Festival 2010.

Tonight the Havana Club lights up with some of Jersey's brightest musical talents. The Havana is heaving with friends, family and fans of all the acts involved.

Kevin Pallot and the Pinnacles

Openers tonight are Kevin Pallot and his Pinnacles. All groovy guitar licks and epic keyboard, Kevin Pallot and co are very slick.

Kevin's strong tenor voice is impassioned and the fluent guitar work touches on Dire Straights and The Eagles. But such 'dad rock' leanings may prevent the band from taking the prize this evening.

The Hype

Sauntering onstage holding aloft a bottle of Becks, The Hype's front-man oozes Chav-punk attitude.

Drums are beaten to a pulp and Stratocasters suffer GBH, the perfect soundtrack to a hot and angry night out in St Helier.

The Hype are cut from the same cloth as Jersey alumni The Valentines and like that band, they deliver a novel twist on a sound born out of a dying indie scene.

Sam Falle speaking to PVC

The Bloody Battle

A local super group, The Bloody Battle are already gathering momentum in their own right.

Made up of half The Author and half The Black Stats, the band ditch the former's indie-rave and the latter's rock and roll for a ballsier broodier beast.

The Bloody Battle are like Queens of the Stone Age but sexier. Shapes are thrown by frontman Paul Vibert as the crowd goes off for the first time this evening.

Isaac Evans

Armed only with an acoustic guitar, fifteen year old Isaac Evans takes to the stage. Isaac's upbeat beach-coustic could not be further removed from the previous acts.

His strong and soulful vocals at his age may bring cruel comparisons to Justin Beiber, but Isaac's clever/simple guitar lines and a wicked beat-boxing break shows off a strong performer who will only get better over time. One to watch in a big way.

Hip Hoperation

Jersey music scene is not renowned for its Hip Hop. Yet there are two acts representing the genre on tonight's bill, the first being Hip Hoperation.

Hip Hoperation are a three-piece band plus soul singer plus two rappers. Shades of early Chili-peppers, Cyprus Hill and even Linkin Park underpin the tag-team beat poetry.

Hip Hoperation are yet to find a voice uniquely theirs, but they have a lot of potential and the audience respond well to a style seldom performed on Island.

Hip Hoperation
Hip Hoperation will play the Les Inrocks stage


Daft Punk-a-likes, Brobots set up their ironing board, laptop, joystick, gameboy and million synthesisers for 10-minutes of chaos sound.

We are faced with an electronic deluge, a brutal car crash of looped noise. Best suited to playing at 3am in a tent at Glastonbury, tonight Brobot's volume is limited through the sound system.

But Brobots soldier on, moving into a more euphoric territory somewhere between Air and Orbital. These guys are going to be great fun in the dance tent at Jersey Live.

Ed and BJ

The second Hip Hop act Ed and BJ have the night's rowdiest crowd reaction. Ed and BJ's raps are fast, offensive and desperately funny political comments on Jersey life and politics.

They transform the Havana into the rap battle at the end of 8 Mile. Though they should not continue to rely on a laptop playing a backing track for much longer, these guys are a class act.

Ed & BJ
Ed & BJ will play the festivals Dance Arena

Leaving the stage elated and emotional, Ed and BJ's words and music clearly mean everything to them.

Pirate Video Company

The audience unfairly thins out for one of Jersey's premier young bands. Pirate Video Company force the minimal grooves of Oxford's hottest export Foals into an open hardcore-punk blender and the effect is brutal.

Tonight, PVC are on fire. Their performance is true At the Drive-in style chaos as Max Cleworth writhes around and Adam Bouteloup goes postal onstage.

PVC stack build-ups into breakdowns as highly-strung math guitars hit riff-walls and bass chords. This is spectacular, inventive punk rock.

A lot of the audience don't seem to get it, but this is not the band's fault. When PVC move to Brighton later on this year, the Jersey crowd won't realise what they had until it is gone. Deserved runner ups at this year's battle.


Pirate Video Company
Pirate Video Company will play the LesInrocks Stage

Bones are a group of astoundingly accomplished young musicians. They are fronted by Annie Law, likely the Island's most talented young female voice.

Bones don't so much play songs as they chart musical journeys. Annie tells us 'this first song is just really happy'. Starting off with a guitar line out of the Vampire Weekend songbook, what follows is a sprawling pop odyssey, virtuoso and unpredictable.

Then Bones showcase Annie at her most vulnerable and pained over gypsy punk and classical acoustic musings. This is mesmerising song writing.

Bones winning this Jersey Live Battle of the Bands is a victory for music standing up in its own right. There are no frills beyond the songs. It's bare bones and it pays off.

Brave Yesterday

Returning Jersey Live Battle of the Bands champs Brave Yesterday are on the up. Since playing the festival last year, the band have signed a record and development deal, are off on a UK tour and have a new album in the works.

Tonight they again show us why they are one of the Island's brightest hopes in music. Brave Yesterday write anthemic punk rock.

Brave Yesterday at the Battle of the Bands
Brave Yesterday will play the Wild West Tease stage

They are angry, vital and tight. Chris Nutter's high Canadian vocal commands the crowd.

The audience is be-speckled with friends and fans wearing the characteristic lime green and black Brave Yesterday tee shirt.

On the strength of this evening's victory lap, I bet they've won over even more new fans.

Strong choices

Tonight was a diverse showcase of local talent. Bones and Pirate Video Company were strong choices for winner and runner up.

Both bands have been playing a lot in the music scene over the last twelve months and neither have had the opportunity to play the festival before in any capacity.

One of the best things about this battle is how no one loses out; all nine acts have been awarded a slot on a stage during the festival.

Make sure you check out all of these acts at Jerseylive Festival on the weekend of the 4 and 5 September. It is going to be a riot.

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