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Jersey Live music festival 2010

Lloyd Yates Band in the Big Tease
The Lloyd Yates Band played the Big Tease in 2009

Two years ago the Jersey Live festival saw the launch of the local stage, then known as the Cream Tease stage.

It was originally designed to resemble a country garden tea party with dressing up and music.

Then last year with the introduction of a Big Top the Big Tease, tucked away at the back of the Showground became a highlight for many a festival goer.

And in 2010 it's back, it's bigger and it's renamed the Wild West Tease stage - all in aid of Headway.

Big Tease

This year the stage is being programmed by local promoter Chris Bell who described the line-up as one of the most diverse ever.

Chris said: "It's a really diverse mix, we've got metal, folk, punk and indie. It's so diverse, it's fantastic."

The line-up includes winners of the Jersey Live Battle of the Bands competition, Bones, as Saturday night headliner and will be opened by the winner of the Junior Battle of the Bands competition.

Chris said: "We wanted to try and put something back into the development of young Jersey bands so the winner of the Battle of the Bands this year is going to be offered the opening slot in the Wild West Tease stage."

In 2009 Headway raised just over £7,000 from their fundraising activities at the festival including selling clothes, hats and accessories.

They also had various activities including a coconut shy and hit the hammer as well as selling popcorn and candy floss.

For the event in 2010, Beth Gallichan from Headway has once again reinvented the concept, instead of taking on the big tent of the circus - she's bringing a slice of the Wild West to the Trinity Showground.

"We look to change it every year just to keep it a bit more exciting for festival goers and for us really.

Brave Yesterday in the Big Tease at Jersey Live 2009
Brave Yesterday headlined the stage in full costume

"The theme is a very important part of the experience so they get transported to a different part of the festival.

"We're looking at hopefully getting a bucking bronco and a tin-can ally," said Beth.

And in a warning to those bands thinking they could get away with normal close this year, laughing, Beth said: "It's pretty much compulsory to dress up."

The stage, as well as being a chance to escape away into another world in the top corner of the festival arena, also provides a showcase for the best of the islands musical talent.

This year will see the return of Isaac Evans, this time in a full set with his band The Wizz, the All In Human Train Wreck, The Dirty Aces, Kevin Pallot and the Pinnacles and others due to be confirmed.

And once again it will be tucked away at the back of the festival showground just behind the bar and near the Dance Arena.

But Beth doesn't mind being at the back of the arena, for her it's a chance to create another world away from the main event.

"We like it up there, some people don't ever discover us but for those people who do they really do enjoy it," said Beth.



Didgeridoo Bruce
Jnr Battle Winners (TBC)
Benny the Moth
The Centeniers
The Lloyd Yates Band
The Midnight Expresso
The Wizz
Last of the Light Brigade (GSY)
Quick & the Dead
Dinosaur Collective
The Valentines (UK)
The Hats DJ set
The Hype
The Mulburys
All in Human Trainwreck
Kevin Pallot & the Pinnacles
Little Big Band
Hold Your Fire!
The Bloody Battle
Brave Yesterday
Sound of Guns (UK)
Tharindu DJ set

You can see the full Jersey Live festival line-up for all four stages on the official festival website .

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Dan, St Helier

Pete I think you've got TOTALLY the wrong end of the stick with this tent. This tent is a chance for local acts to play to an audience they might normally get a chance to, but not only that efforts will be made to raise money for charity out of it.

If the local acts weren't playing the tickets would still be the same price.

I think this is going to be a fantastic tent this year and can't wait to play on the Sunday!

Looking forward to making a conga line to the Little Big Band and hearing Bloody Battle again too!


Sound of Guns?! Awesome thats a bonus! :))

Ryan (BBC Jersey)

Pete, as much as I love the Jersey music scene I imagine most people go to the festival to see the main stage acts or dance arena bands. Having local bands play provides an 'alternative' for people but you can see those bands most weeks in Jersey - so no need to pay just to see the Jersey bands.

Competition to play the local stage at the festival is pretty tough as well with most bands wanting a chance to play at the festival - or at least many of the ones I speak to.

Pete, St Ouen

It's just another cynical money making scheme by the organisers.

Put the bands on for free, then charge all their fans 70 pounds for the privilege of seeing them.

Chris, Grouville

This tent is quickly becoming the highlight of the festival for me... better bands and more of an atmosphere - it's great!



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