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Dirty Rock & Roll at Battle Final

By Stephan Metcalfe
BBC Blast Reporter, Jersey

The Underground on winning the 2009 Battle of the Bands final

Despite coming second in their heat, The Underground have won the final of Jersey's Junior Battle of the Bands 2009 at Bar Rock.

Six bands competed for the top spot at Bar Rock on Tuesday. The bands improved exponentially, building the tension and raising the standard with each performance.

The Judging Panel, which included BBC Jersey Introducing's own Ryan Morrison, was still as consistent as it has been since the competition started more than 6 weeks ago.

The competition was incredibly tight with 'The Underground' beating second place 'Salem's Lot' by only 19 points.

After a grunge fuelled opening band, 'Pirate Video Company' took the stage.

Although they came second to 'Personal Floor' in Heat 1, they were competing as the final's wildcard.

They are a band stacked with potential. With a unique mix of rock and indie they are capable of a great set, but I feel that technical difficulties held them back.

The Catch was the second competing band. They put a lot of energy into their performance, which was great to watch, but they lacked the essential foundation in any band; rhythm.

The Underground

Never the less, they got some of the crowd dancing with their brand of pop and punk and it was a lively twenty minutes.

'Personal Floor' never fail to build up a raucous crowd. With renditions of 'Golden Nugget' they got the audience singing along as well as an original version of the long standing classic, 'Happy Birthday'.

They stepped up the level of the competition, which made it a fantastic spectacle to watch.

After winning their heat, 'The Absence' dropped out of the competition. This left room for 'The Underground' to progress onto the final. They are a group of young guys filled with ambition and fresh ideas that will certainly help them to gain island wide notoriety.

Opening with a cover of 'The Subways' "Oh Yeah", they kicked off what was an intense set. It was easy to see how much these guys enjoy what they do.

Even though some hardcore Kings of Leon fans may have been disappointed with their version of 'Four Kicks', they had surely done enough in the judge's eyes.

'Patrick Star' gave everything within their twenty minute set. Having witnessed their heat I was impressed by how tight they seemed to be.

The only element that may have thrown the judges off is their screamo style vocals. Having said that, they performed out of their skin, and even got a mosh-pit on the go.

The final competing band was 'Salem's Lot'. This band has been around for the last three years and has built up an astute following.

Opening with a 'Queen' style national anthem they kicked into 'Tie your Mother Down', a song that has converted many to Rock music.


The crowd seemed to swell as their set went on and their mix of Rock and Metal ended the competition with a bang.

'Run for Cover' gave the crowd a taste of Irish Folk Music to keep them at bay as the judges debated on which band should win.

After being crowned victorious 'The Underground' played the night out. Organisers, Ivor Richards and Ernie Mallet were extremely impressed with the contribution of Jersey's young people into this competition.

La Motte Street members organise the sound, the bands and setting the competition out; they work extremely hard and should be congratulated for their hard work along with staff members of Bar Rock.

You can listen to my interview with 'The Underground', Ivor Richards and Ernie Mallet on BBC Jersey Introducing and BBC Radio Jersey's 'Today' Program on Saturday and on BBC iPlayer for a week after that.

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Sam (Salem's Lot singer)

Not sure where these guys get their info from, Salem's Lot have been going for 1 year, not 3...


like this is me in this vid(the ginger one)lol!! and yer like if u actually listend what i said u all wouldnt be sayin all this stuff abut how salems lot should of won!! like the whole time i thought they would of won, but plz stop sayin they got robbed,, its only cos ur all their mates and that u thought this!! but the judges didnt know any of us and in their eyes we must of been more appealing!! so,all u people who are slaggin us off go cry to to someone else cos tbh i dont think anyone really cares


What a surprise to see another dodgey judging decision. This happens every year and it is no wonder given the size of our population.

"It isn't what you know - [ or do in this case] but who you know".

And adding on from the point of the age limit - it is clear to anyone other than the organisers that a member of the winning band was over 18. There is no means test against the entry form and ANYONE could put down a false D>O>B.

Another year and another disapointment.

Let's hope that those bands who deserve success can seek it elsewhere where discrimination is not common place against the unknowns...

£4 Pounds for Battle of the Bands.....

£5 Pounds for Battle of Flowers....

GO FIGURE which is value for money...


The Underground put so much energy into their original music and it was refreshing to see a young band perform to well. They deserved to win.


Salem's lot should have won ! But... we all know it's not just about winning . They put on an amazing show and people enjoyed it :)


The underground were ok but nowhere anything In comparison to the skill and performance that Salem's lot gave the crowd.

By no means did they deserve second place on any level, the audience wre going nuts and filled out the entire club. When the results were announced the crowd left, now why is this not mentioned on the news? the crowd did not 'swell' when salems lot palyed, it increased tenfold.

Ask anyone there, Salem's lot should have won.. useless results

Ryan (Host)

The age limit was 18 for the Junior Battle of the Bands - so as long as band members were 18 or younger it was ok. The pieces of paper we had with details of all the bands didn't show anyone over the age of 18 in any of the bands.

The Truth

Hmmm strange how the winners have a member that is over 18...

Isn't that against the rules?


I was shocked at the results as were many of the people who went to the final.

Salem's Lot were the winning band no doubt.

I would of hated to be The Underground having to play while people screamed for Salem's Lot

Tom Ashcroft (Salem's Lot drummer)

An amazing article...the video is great to watch, the radio interview was amazing and the article was great to read.

Excellent coverage of an amazing event that shows that the youth aren't all hanging on street corners and causing trouble...



Salem's Lot were the best band of the night by an absolute mile. The result was a disgrace.

In Pictures: Jnr Battle final
26 Aug 09 |  BBC Introducing


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