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Page last updated at 16:36 GMT, Tuesday, 18 August 2009 17:36 UK
Young bands play Battle arena

Stephan Metcalfe
By Stephan Metcalfe
BBC Blast Reporter, Jersey

The Porcupine Effect
The Porcupine Effect played the Battle of Flowers

Since it's beginning in 1902, the Battle of Flowers has been a corner stone of Jersey's tradition.

The parade, which displays the floral efforts of each parish, is still a very popular event, regularly attracting 30,000 people each year.

The inclusion of music in an event such as this is integral, as it creates a 'carnival' type of atmosphere. It adds another dimension to the islands visual spectacle.

Two local bands 'The Porcupine Effect' and 'Blue Perspective' have played live music on a float.

By making contacts through their respective secondary schools both bands have managed to play the event over the last two years.

It's nice for us to play for as long as we can even though under the sun it can get quite tiring.
Jack Royle, Porcupine Effect

I spoke to them about how it feels adding their own brands of Funk, Jazz and Blues to the event and how it adds to the battle's atmosphere.

"For some people funk music can be quite relaxing, for others it can be quite up beat, it's quite a versatile genre," explained Drummer in The Porcupine Effect, Brent Connan.

"We try and appeal to everyone and keep the liveliness of the battle of flowers going."

The time scale of this kind of gig also differs greatly.

Instead of playing a half an hour set in front of the same crowd, such as the Porcupine Effect did at Jersey Live in 2007, both bands will play for up to two hours whilst moving on a trailer.

"Because we are moving constantly then we can always repeat a couple of songs if we run out, which you can't do in front of the same crowd," clarified guitarist and singer Jack Royle.

"It's nice for us to play for as long as we can even though under the sun it can get quite tiring."

The Porcupine Effect
The Porcupine Effect played Jersey Live 2008

The unique factor for both bands is that they are constantly moving. It takes a lot of confidence to play in front of a crowd of people, but playing to a changing audience while on the move is simply fascinating.

"Being on the trailer and shaking about, it kind of puts you off and the crowds changing every five seconds," explained Brent.

The dynamics of this movement such as playing in time and hitting the right notes can be very challenging.

"It can be a distraction but usually it's alright because you are not moving very fast," explained Blue Perspective's keyboardist Antony Hibbs.

"The worst part is going over the central reservation. There is a massive curb, it bumps everything around and it was quite a surprise last year with things falling all over the place."

Music will continue to be an important factor within the Battle of Flowers and with Jersey's flourishing musical talent there will be more bands being displayed in years to come.

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