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Page last updated at 09:40 GMT, Thursday, 11 November 2010
BBC Jersey will be hosting a cake party for Pudsey
Pudsey Bear
Pudsey will be on tour around the island

BBC Children in Need will be marked in Jersey with a Cake Party.

The event, organised by BBC Jersey, will culminate in a cake sale and auction at St Helier Town Hall on Saturday 20 November.

Local celebrities are taking part in a bake-off competition, including St Helier constable Simon Crowcroft.

He said: "I have one recipe I am very pleased with which is the Greek dessert the baklava, I'm planning to make [it] as my contribution to the bake-off."

A potential outsider in the celebrity bake-off is BBC Channel Island news presenter, Edward Sault, who is more comfortable with pre-cooked food from the supermarket.

Edward said: "I hope to be able to glean some expertise off my mother, my aunts and my uncles because my mum is a very good cook.

"I am absolutely useless at cooking, anybody will tell you that when they come around my house for dinner it is all pre-cooked from various well know stores across the island.

"But I do try my best and I am prepared for the challenge."

On Saturday 20 November there will be lots of cake, cake sales, cake auctions, cake competitions and a cake walk.

Pudsey cakes
It's up to you what you bake for Children in Need

A cakewalk is a traditional carnival game that involves a number of squares on a path, one for each participant.

They then walk around in time to music, when the music stops a number is called and the person on the square wins a cake.

It was supposedly originally invented by Reverent Lewis Daly after the scales broke on the 'guess the weight of the pie' game in 1869 in King's Lynn.

You'll also get a chance to enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake with our very own Pudsey bear - and as he doesn't eat cake they'll be even more for you.

We are going to have some of the best chefs in the island creating original cakes for us to auction off for BBC Children in Need.

You can get more tips on baking by visiting the BBC Get Baking website .

We're also looking for people to donate cakes to the cake party that we can sell for a donation to BBC Children in Need.



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