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Floats almost ready for 2010 Jersey Battle of Flowers
Miss Battle of Flowers Sarah Watson
Miss Battle of Flowers Sarah Watson

One of the highlights of Jersey's summer calendar, the Battle of Flowers, is fast approaching.

The event is expected to draw thousands of people to Jersey, and promises to bring the usual spectacle with unusual and intriguing themes.

Miss Battle of Flowers 2010, Sarah Watson, says the event's crucial to Jersey's tourism and can bring entire communities together.

The Battle of Flowers main parade is on Thursday 12 August.

Teams of people have been working on their floats in warehouses and sheds across the island.

18-year-old Sarah has been meeting them and says she feels the event has a real community spirit.

St Saviour won the Prix D'Honneur in 2009
St Saviour won the Prix D'Honneur in 2009

She told BBC Jersey: "I think it's really really important for tourism in Jersey because it brings so many people to the island.

"Because it has been going on for such a long time it is a really renowned thing for Jersey so people know Jersey because of the Battle of Flowers.

"It brings the community together and people of all ages, it's really nice."

Sarah said she is a very colourful person and expects the different colours in the floats will catch her eye the most.

Sarah said: "The thing that's going to catch my eyes the most is the different colours and the different flowers. I'm a really colourful person and can't wait to see what all th floats are like.

"I've only really had any input into the St Helier float so far because I was Miss St Helier before I was Miss Battle.

"I'm really excited to see what other ideas everyone else has come up with and all the colours of the floats."


Bidan Family & Friends (Class 10)

Farm based float featuring a Combine Harvester and a Scarecrow. Music will be I've Got a Brand New Combined Harvester.

Bidan Family & Friends (Class 8)

Three space ships and stars of the galaxy featuring an alien surprise and the music is Lazy Town - Galaxy.

Galaad (Class 9)

Scenes from Dutch life and music includes Tulips from Amsterdam/The Old Windmill.

Grouvill (Class 12)

The music of Glen Miller with a design based on Glenn Miller song titles. Best set pieces include the train (Chattanooga choo choo) and a portrait of Glenn Miller. The music is a Glenn Miller medley.

Grouville Juniors (Class 8)

The float has two 3-dimensional pieces this year: a five foot tall Toucan, a life size, six foot Tribal warrior hunting a Bison with a spear and a Tribal Kingdom.

Henwood Ensemble (Class6)

A unicorn pulling a chariot.

Jersey Young Farmer (Class 11)

The floats design is a compromise of the most visually attractive presentation of the three main thunderbird vehicles whilst maximising the potential for animation. Will feature the Thunderbird theme tune.

Miss F Bechelet (Class 4)

Fruits of the sea featuring two lobsters, two spider crabs and two chancre crabs.

Optimists (Class 11)

Fully working steam boat engine, which turns the authentic large paddle wheels on both sides of the boat. Top deck complete with wheel house and two 16ft high funnels running through both decks of the float. Music is a Status Quo cover of Proud Mary.

Optimists Juniors (Class 8)

A tug boat based on the children's "Tugs" Book. Music is a Status Quo cover of Proud Mary.

Peter Heath (class 3)

Open top roadster car, champagne bottle and glasses. Decorative hotel entrance and finally the liner Queen Mary. Music includes The Charleston.

Rob Adrian & Friends (Class 10)

Three games based on Monopoly, Cluedo and Snakes and Ladders. Music is Take a Change by ABBA.

Rob Adrian & Friends Juniors (Class 8)

Based on the game Mouse Trap with pieces from the Mouse Trap. Music is Queen "Don't Stop me Now".

St Brelade (Class 12)

An 18th century French garden reminiscent of Marie Antoinette with swings, gazebo & visitors.

St Clement (Class 12)

Two lion dogs guard the Imperial Fire Dragon. A large presentation of lotus flowers in an ornate vase completes this Chinese themed exhibit.

St Helier (Class 7)

The theme is the twining of Funchal and St Helier featuring a boat, The Elizabeth Castle Hermitage and The Basket of Monte.

St Lawrence (Class 12)

Humorous large fish about to eat a fisherman. Music includes Big Fish Little Fish, Little Yellow Fish and Under the Sea.

St Lawrence Juniors (Class 9)

Large toy trolley carrying a variety of toys trying to escape and have an adventure, a toy car is trying to pulling it, while a slinky dog is pushing the float.

St Martin (Class 12)

The float depicts the sword Excalibur, raising from the Round Table, enveloped by a dragon there are castle towers of Camelot. While King Arthur sits inside his crown astride his horse. Merlin in on the back.

St Martin Juniors (Class 8)

The word "LEGO" built out of bricks and lots of Lego People.

St Peter (Class 12)

Features a pot of gold at the front of the float. A creeper comes out of the pot upwards and extends along the length of the float, encircling a globe near the end of the float. The idea being ' Money makes the world go around'. Music is Money Makes the World go Around.

St Peter Juniors (Class 8)

The theme is Circus with a clown at the heart and music is assorted circus tunes.

St Saviour (Class 12)

Viva Espana, a celebration of all things Spanish including a taste of Spain, a donkey and paella. Music is Andalusian Stallion Y Viva Espana.

St Savour Juniors (Class 6)

The theme of the float is based on aliens entering earth's atmosphere. The base is the moon, complete with crater - Aliens on the float and little alien spiders. A flying saucer that moves and plants colourfully displayed on the skirt. Music is Star Ship Trooper by Sarah Brightman.

Trinity (Class 12)

A cheerful theme with poppies, sunflowers, cornflowers, a scarecrow and cute animals. Best set Pieces include the Scarecrow. Music is Walking on Sunshine.

Trinity Juniors (class 8)

The float has a Western cowboy theme with wagon, cacti and children round a fire including a wanted poster and bull skull. Music 5,6,7,8 and Cotton Eye Joe.

Vi Peck (Class 9)

An underwater scene with a sunken wreck with fish and large clamshell. Music is Under the Sea, from the movie soundtrack.

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