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Page last updated at 09:13 GMT, Monday, 22 March 2010
High speed mobile network to launch in Jersey
http graphic by Alexey Khlobystov
Clear Mobitel hope to launch a fourth generation mobile network

A telecom company hopes to make Jersey one of the first places in the British Isles to have a 4G mobile network.

At the end of 2009 a new company was awarded a licence to operate a telecommunications service by both Channel Island regulators.

Clear Mobitel hope to start rolling out the new LTE (or 4th generation) mobile network in Jersey within twelve months.

The company has said it plans to invest millions of pounds in launching the new next generation network.

After launch it could see islanders connect to the internet up to seven times faster than those currently available.

The rollout is subject to approval from the UK regulator OfCom, who has responsibility for the radio waves that Clear Mobitel hope to operate their service in.

Instead of installing new masts around the island, the company hope to be able to piggy back off existing operator masts and make use of new technology to install micro cell towers on high buildings.

As well as a faster internet connection, the company also hope to offer high definition video for home customers and a range of solutions for businesses in Jersey.

Wires by Tan Kian Khoon
It's hoped the network will be up and running within twelve months

Andrew Elston is the Director of Regulatory Affairs for Clear Mobitel and he said that, although it is a data network, it can be used for anything.

"We tend to take a view that the network is a transport anything network, this network can support pretty well anything across it so video, voice, data.

"We are looking to bring through new services to the consumer in Jersey, so things like high definitions video, real time gaming and broadband internet," Andrew said.

However, with an increase in the amount of data being sent around the island and fast speeds for consumers - a better infrastructure would also be needed.

Andrew said that as well as the new network within Jersey they would also be investing in a new backbone system, giving them a separate connection to the land-based Jersey Telecom.

He explained that this would be working at many gigabits a second. Each gigabit is a thousand megabits a second and home broadband operates at a maximum of seven megabits a second now.

This will be completely separate to what exists already with Jersey Telecom and Andrew said that it would allow them to set both pricing and the types of services they plan to provide across the network.

He hopes to see a roll out of the network within 12 months of getting approval from OfCom.

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I don't suppose you have anywhere affordable to live there, it would be a great developers tool

Tim, St Helier

Hope this is going to be good value, where do I sign up!

At long last, one will be able to be totally free of Jersey Telecom and not require the cost of a fixed landline.

How that company should have been sold off years ago, its now a like a slow dying dinosaur.

Dennis, St Helier

This type of service is long overdue, we are looking forward to useing it.

Phil, St Saviour

Who are these guys? I've Googled them and their website is a very poor "under construction" page. I think the idea is a good one but can Clear Mobitel pull it off?

Steve, St Helier

WOW... but how much for decent amount of bandwidth.

Lets not forget winsten chruchills famous speach:

"never has so much been paid by so many for so little".

Islands to get fast land-free web
19 Mar 10 |  Jersey


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