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Surfing the Christian message
Christian surfers
Christian surfers has missions in 20 countries worldwide

Christian Surfers is a worldwide organisation, which shares the Christian message with the surfing community across the globe.

It was started on the northern beaches of Sydney in Australia in the 1970s by surfer Brett Davies.

Jersey native Cirsty de Gruchy founded the Jersey branch of Christian Surfers in 2006.

"It is about bridging the gap between the beach, the church and the surfing community," she explained.

"It is not often you see many surfers in church and you don't see a lot of church down the beach. One of the things we have become involved in is the Jersey Surfboard Club and help out down at their events," she continued.

Cirsty is now on the Jersey Surfboard Club board, which she is "really enjoying."

"We just finished a youth camp where we put on some events and encourage Christians to come down and other people to come down and have a go at surfing.

"We have a whole week of teaching the kids to surf, we go into the sand dunes and play beach games."
Cirsty de Gruchy, Christian Surfers Jersey

"We use that opportunity to tell them about God as well. I think if you spoke to most surfers they would probably say there is a spiritual element to do with surfing.

"For some people will express that in different ways. For example, there are a lot of Buddhists over here. For me I look at the waves and see god's creation. I think a lot of people can see that and understand that," she said.

Cirsty says one of the bonuses about Christian surfing is that it is non-denominational and gives her the opportunity to talk and work with other churches. The group has 150 members and about 15 who meet on a regular basis.

"We tend to meet up in the winter time because everyone likes to surf their own part of the beach. We meet up and watch surf movies, eat together and often go for a surf. In the summer it is more BBQs on the beach," said Cirsty.

Such was her commitment to the organisation that she recently started working part time to focus more on her Christian work.

"It took a long time, but I felt it was something that god wanted me to do. It was a big step financially and my husband to be actually moved to Jersey to help. I have been very blessed by a lot of people and churches; it is a faith financed role.

Christian surfers
Christian surfers was originally set up in Australia in the 1970s

"This means it is not a paid role as such by Christian surfers and we just rely on donations from friends and family and churches to live off.

"I have probably surfed less since I started working for the group then before. I spent a lot of time on the internet and have a staff meeting with UK colleagues once a week on Skype."

Cirsty also visits schools to promote the Christian surfers message and has just finished a youth camp.

"They are a lot of fun and they are exhausting as well. We have just finished a week we have done with the Jersey Surf School.

"We have a whole week of teaching the kids to surf, we go into the sand dunes and play beach games. We take that opportunity to do a little bit of a god slot for ten minutes and tell the kids about our faith."


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