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Beckii Cruel to appear in BBC Three Documentary

Internet sensation Beckii Cruel says she is ready for her next challenge

Manx teenager, Rebecca Flint is to appear in a BBC Three documentary which will be transmitted this week.

The programme tells the story of 14-year-old Rebecca from Ramsey, a seemingly ordinary schoolgirl.

Ordinary that is, except for the internet fame she has experienced in Japan where she transforms into Beckii Cruel, a teen icon.

The programme will be transmitted on Thursday 12 August 2010 as part of the Adult Season on BBC Three.

Beckii became famous in Japan after uploading films of herself dancing on You Tube.

She did this secretly, without telling her parents.

Approached by a music manager

This intimate documentary has exclusive access to her as it explores the real world of Beckii and the other British teenage girls who hope to become famous in Japan.

Beckii's breakthrough posting attracted almost half a million hits and showed her miming an eccentric Japanese dance called danjo.

Beckii Cruel with mother and father
Rebecca's father is a policeman and her mother a former dancer

Beckii was then approached by a Japanese music manager who quickly helped her to take Japan by storm.

Since August 2009 she has recorded five singles, released her own DVD and appeared on Japan's biggest TV shows.

A child doing an adult job

Now she wants success in the UK and there are a lot of businessmen ready to help her crack the teen market.

Despite getting the fame every girl is supposed to dream of, life is not easy for this 14-year-old.

Being a child doing a job in a very adult world isn't always fun and games.

Being famous at 14

Balancing two different lives on opposite sides of the world is tricky, and wrestling with the consequences of a mainly male Japanese fan base can be embarrassing, especially if you've never even had a boyfriend.

The film explores the fascinating world of Japanese anime and manga, crazes that grip millions in Japan and tens of thousands here, and shows that other girls see Beckii's success and decide they too might like to be big in Japan.

But although getting famous seems as simple as uploading a crazy dance, the implications of being famous at 14 are anything but straightforward.

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