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Manx civil partnership bill could change lives on IOM

Things could be about to change for gay and lesbian couples on the Island

Sue Murray and Annette Blower from Douglas have been in a lesbian relationship for four years.

Their lives could be about to change dramatically if Island politicians approve the Civil Partnership Bill.

It would enable same-sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their relationship and remove restrictions so they could adopt.

Sue and Annette are planning to have their wedding day at home on the Isle of Man if the bill goes through.

Sue feels that she should be entitled to have her special day with her friends and family at home.

"I would have married Annette a couple of years ago if I could have done. Gay marriage should have been possible here along time ago but things take time don't they?

"It's important to us that we are able to have our special day here on the Isle of Man- this is our home after all".

"It would be fabulous to get married here. It would be a really great day and I hope we are the first to do it!

As the law currently stands gay people are not able to hold the title of next of kin for their partners and this worries Sue.

"If I was to become really sick or if anything were to happen to me, Sue would have absolutely no say about my medical treatment or anything else because she is not my next of kin.

"As the law stands, the hospital or police would have to get in touch with my eldest daughter- she is currently my next of kin.

"These issues need to have more publicity so that people can be brought into the 21st century. You have got to move on with the times. Gay couples are part of modern life, like it or not".

The Civil Partnership Bill will be debated in Tynwald later this month.

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