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Manx music label celebrates 10th anniversary
10 years of 'Source of Gravity'
Mark Edwards

Christian Steriopulos
Christian's music has taken him all over the world

Isle of Man based record label 'Source of Gravity' celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The progressive house label, which has enjoyed almost 100 releases, is run by Castletown DJ and producer Christian Steriopulos.

Christian, 32 currently runs the operation from his house in the south of the Island but his music has taken him all over the World.

The label will release a series of new tracks to celebrate the anniversary.

When I went to meet Christian at his home in Castletown, he was feverishly firing emails around the world and sifting through new tracks and remixes.

He has recently married and become a father for the first time.

"I was fascinated by music from a very early age, my uncle was a professional musician and I think I was drawn to progressive house music through listening to early electronic music."

Christian set up 'Source of Gravity' in 2000 when he was at Manchester University and living in Warrington.

"I met Mark Wheawill at University, we were into the same music and started collaborating.

"We were so happy with some of the tracks that we pressed them to vinyl and started distributing them to record shops in Liverpool and Manchester.

"We sold quite a few, so we decided to work on more material."

Distribution Deal

The pair's next track 'Futuristic Visions' was remixed by Tipple (Steve McCreery and Ross McFarlane), and featured a spoken vocal from Chris' brother Ollie.

Paul Oakenfold
DJ Paul Oakenfold is a big fan of the label

At the time McCreery had a residency at Tunnel Club in Glasgow where the World's finest DJs such as Sasha and Paul Oakenfold would regularly play.

It wasn't long before they had secured a distribution deal.

"To get the deal was really great news. It meant that we could take our music to new audiences.

"Over the next few years Mark and I managed to produce a number of tracks and sign a number of new artists to the label.

"I began to travel with the project. It was a very exciting time.

"I was playing club nights across the USA, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland and across the UK."

World's top DJs

The project continued to develop over the next few years and gained the support of the biggest names in the industry.

"It was an incredible time. The artists that inspired me, were playing our material.

"DJs like Sasha, John Digweed and Paul Oakenfold were supporting the project. It was fantastic."

Christian Steriopulos
Christian has travelled extensively with the project

In 2005 the pair went their separate ways and Christian decided to move the project to the Isle of Man to start a digital label.

It was a move designed to take advantage of the iPod generation's increasing thirst for downloadable music.

"The digital era has had many advantages for the continuation of the label.

"It was cheaper to run and meant the music was available to a global market.

"This project was never driven by money, but the love of the music and it is so satisfying when I receive the sales statements.

"The music is selling all over the World - Russia, America, Canada, Italy and France in particular."

"I would love to meet these people and thank them."

Christian openly admits that the past decade has had it's fair share of ups and downs for him, but the support of his wife Suzanne has helped him through the hard times.

"The last ten years have been an adventure with extreme highs and lows, but I am extremely proud of what has been achieved.

"I am a very committed to this project and it has taken a great deal of perseverance to keep going, it is almost as though it is beyond rational thought.

"It is not about money, it is about the satisfaction."

Proper job

Christian Steriopulos

"I am very lucky that Suzanne is so supportive of what I do. She has never told me to get a 'proper' job."

Christian has built up a small management based all over the World, who contribute to the success and help run the project when necessary.

"We currently have several artists working with the label and I take an enormous amount of pride seeing them flourish. They are the future of the music that I love.

"Sometimes I wonder if I should have taken the project to London or Los Angeles but I really the Isle of Man is a stable base to work from, and with a family to think of I am happy to be based here. I am very active in the local sports scene, and this helps provide a real balance to the time and effort I spend on Source of Gravity."

Fewer distractions

"There are certainly fewer distractions on the island but there are also fewer outlets for the music.

"The Manx club scene is suffering at the moment and I do not play out as much as I used to, but this music is not just for nightclubs and I have a family to think about now.

"I genuinely believe that it can be enjoyed by all people and can compliment most situations.

"I am not driven by money the ethos has always been to take our music all over the world and to help to develop new artists.

"I have had do plenty of other jobs to supplement the project, sometimes it hard for people to understand what it's like to run a music project this, but the satisfaction I get is worth more to me than money."

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