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Compare the Meerkats at the Isle of Man Wildlife Park

Baby meerkats get up to mischief at the Curraghs Wildlife Park

Three tiny baby meerkats are already proving a hit with visitors at the Curraghs Wildlife Park on the Isle of Man.

Now five weeks old, they have just started to venture out and explore their new surroundings.

Keeper, Sarah Teare-Kermeen told BBC Isle of Man: "They are extremely cute and since the babies arrived they've been a huge hit."

In May, three meerkats were brought to the Island to start their own colony.

Meerkats, Isle of Man
After a pregnancy of 75 days the female has 2-4 cubs

A brother and sister came from Jersey Zoo and the second male came from Reaseheath College in Nantwich.

Sarah says females can get pregnant straight away after giving birth, so it's quite likely that she is expecting again.

"By mid-November we could have the pitter patter of more baby feet."

"The babies enjoy standing on guard, but run away when they see shadows or birds, they love sunbathing," added Sarah.

The Curraghs Wildlife Park is open from 10am to 6pm until the end of October.

Meerkats arrive at Wildlife Park
25 May 10 |  Nature & Outdoors




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