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Manx marine life captured on film by Craig Whalley

Craig's underwater basking shark footage has become a YouTube hit

Kayaker Craig Whalley has captured some of the most spectacular footage of marine life ever seen off the Isle of Man's coastline.

He's been kayaking every weekend for the last 12 years and has filmed sharks, whales and dolphins within touching distance of his boat.

His underwater footage of basking sharks has had 400,000 hits on YouTube.

"It's a great privilege to get on camera something that no one else has filmed before," he said.

According to the 39-year-old yacht chandler from Onchan, the secret to a great shot is patience.

"You have to wait for them to come to you, especially basking sharks, that's when you get the best shots," he said.

"You should never disturb them or make any sudden movements because you want them in their natural habitat. They are a wild animal and you have to show them respect."

A basking shark within touching distance of Craig's kayak

Gentle giants

Basking sharks are harmless to humans and come in their hundreds to feed off a rich supply of plankton found in Manx waters every summer.

Craig's footage offers a rare glimpse of these gentle giants of our seas.

They are mysterious creatures and notoriously difficult to spot, let alone film from a kayak.

"You've got your paddle to contend with as well as holding the camera. It's a case of balancing on the kayak and waiting for the moment they swim past."

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