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Compare the Meerkats at the Curraghs Wildlife Park

Meerkats arrive at Wildlife Park

Meerkats have seen a rise in popularity since the puppet with a Russian accent appeared on a series of TV adverts.

For this reason keepers at the Curraghs Wildlife park on the Isle of Man are hoping curiosity will be aroused.

The three new attractions have been settling into their new Manx home and will make their public debut at the bank holiday weekend.

With two males and one female, Park Duty Manager Tina Jauncey is hoping Meerkat pups will soon be on their way.

"A pair came from Jersey Zoo- a brother and sister and the second male came from Reaseheath College in Nantwich.

'Colony of their own'

Three Meerkats
The three Meerkats have still to be named

"The idea is to introduce the new male and hopefully they will start a colony of their own. Watch this space."

Meerkats are social mongooses that spend a lot of their time on guard, looking out for predators.

In the wild they live in a desert environment within colonies of up to 30 members.

They can be quite comical as they pop up to swap guard duty and look like they're going to fall over like dominoes as they get tired.

Tina Jauncey hopes everyone will find them as charming as she does.

"They are unbelievably cute. I've seen them before but when you actually get a chance to see them up close it's amazing.

"They are a lot smaller than you might imagine but to have them here on the Isle of Man is a great opportunity."

The new Meerkats will be ready to greet guests on Saturday 29 May 2010.

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