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Guy Martin - 'Hooked on the TT'
Guy Martin
Guy is still looking for his first TT victory on the Isle of Man

Lincolnshire rider Guy Martin is blessed with an equal measure of charisma and talent.

He made his TT debut in 2004 and is still searching for his first victory on the Mountain Course.

He says there is no race on earth that can touch the TT.

"Since my first TT every other race has just lacked the buzz you get here, there is simply nothing to beat it anywhere and I am not the only one who thinks that".

"The first time I entered the Isle of Man TT, it was me, a couple of mates and a van, that was it.

"Now I want to win a TT race more than ever, so things are a bit more complicated, you know.

'A buzz that money can't buy'

"It is like no other race on earth, you're going as hard as you can go on tiny roads around the Isle of Man and if you make one mistake you are coming back in a box.

Sky diving, short circuit racing, mountain biking, motor cross, I've tried the lot, but nothing comes near to the TT buzz
Guy Martin

"There's not one particular part of the course I like the most but I have to admit the likes of Gorse Lea is pretty amazing. That's a big man's corner that one.

"It demands 100% commitment. There are probably around 10 corners on one lap which feel like that. You need a lot of practise to build up to that, you can't go in there like a bull in a china shop.

Guy works as a motor mechanic for most of the year but enjoys a change of pace at the weekends."

"It's hard work on the Lorries and I work really strange hours so by the end of the week I am hungry to race motorbikes.

"When I am lying on my back under a lorry smacking my head with a hammer it makes me want to race more than ever.

Guy Martin
Guy finished the Manx End-2-End mountain bike race in 2009

"Another one of my passions is down hill mountain biking. It's probably the closest thing you can get to riding a motor bike in the TT.

"It's not in the same league but it does come close. So between working, racing my motorbikes and free wheeling down mountains there's not much time left.

"I suppose that is all the adrenaline stuff but there's another side to me too.

"I am really into steam engines. I love the early classic 1900 stationary engines. Suck Squeeze Bang Go. That's the principal of all 4-stroke engines in its simplest form.

"So I love engines but I also love a good cup of tea. There's nothing nicer that looking at a good engine with a nice cup of tea! That's how I relax".


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