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Archibald Knox inspired by Manx landscape
Archibald Knox courtesy Manx National Heritage
Knox's work has inspired collectors from all over the world

Artist Archibald Knox was born to Scottish parents on 9 April 1864 at Cronkbourne Village in Tromode.

During his career he worked for Liberty & Co which established him as the foremost designer in the English Art Nouveau movement.

His Liberty designs include silver, pewter, carpets, pottery, jewellery, textiles and possibly even furniture.

But Knox also worked as a teacher, illustrator and during the war a censor at a Man Internment camp.

Actor Brad Pitt is said to be one of Archibald Knox's most famous collectors and the Manx artist now commands a huge following both sides of the Atlantic.

Knox died of heart failure and since his death much thought has been given to how the Manx landscape and Celtic connections of the Isle of Man inspired the artist throughout his life.

Curator of Social History at Manx National Heritage, Matthew Richardson said: "Knox used to spend days wandering around the Manx countryside.

"What really captivated him was the heritage of the Isle of Man.

"The imagery and mythology of the Island had a huge impact on his work, in particular the island's ancient Celtic and Norse carved crosses.

Knox painting of a boat courtesy Manx National Heritage
The Hulk painting by Archibald Knox can be viewed at the Manx Museum

"He drew inspiration from the local landscape and this in turn fed into his work, both at Liberties and painting."

The Manx Museum in Douglas has a collection both of original designs and examples of Knox jewellery, fabrics, papers, Liberty 'Cymric' silverware and 'Tudric' pewterware.

There are also a large number of watercolour paintings.

For information on events organised by the Archibald Knox visit their website.

Special display for Manx artist
15 Feb 08 |  Isle of Man



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