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Ben-jee ny Coshallyn Gas

Beryl Swain courtesy Manx National Heritage

In 1962 Beryl Swain had the world at her feet. She was a beautiful and ambitious motorcycle rider with a bright future. She should have had a pioneering racing career but sadly she was born at the wrong time.

Ayns 1962 va Beryl Swain ardghooagh as speeideilagh. V'ee ny markiagh roar-bree aalin as gloyr-viandagh as va traa ry heet gial eck. Lhisagh coorse-kiartey ratchal ennymoil er ve eck agh, atreih, v'ee ruggit ec y traa neuchiart.

On target to become one of the leading female lights in the world of motor racing Swain was unstoppable, until a decision to revoke her licence broke her biker's heart.

V'eh jeeaghyn shickyr dy row ee er y raad dy ve nane jeh ny mraane share ayns seihll ny ratchyn roar-bree, derrey va reaghey jeant dy ghoaill ersooyl y kied ratchal eck ren brishey e cree.

After a fruitless protest she hung up her leathers in the garden shed for the last time.

Lurg jee gaccan dy neuspeeideilagh ren ee croghey yn eaddagh liare eck sy waane son dy bragh.

Beryl Swain died in May 2007 taking with her one of the centuries most incredible stories of thwarted dreams.

Hooar Beryl Swain baase ayns Mee Boaldyn 2007 agh daag ee dooin nane jeh ny skeealyn s'yindyssee jeh'n cheead-vlein chaie mychione ashlishyn stroiet.

In 1952 Beryl Tolman met and fell in love with Eddie Swain, the owner of a motorcycle repair business. This gave his new wife the opportunity to start racing.

Ayns 1952 veeit Beryl Tolman rish Eddie Swain, shellooder colught ren karraghey roaryn-bree, as huitt ad ayns graih. Tra v'ad poost ghow Beryl y caa dy ghoaill toshiaght er ratchal.

Beryl's passion grew and grew and she soon became a competitor at both Brands Hatch and Snetterton, eventually finding her niche in the 50cc class.

Ren jeeanid Beryl son ratchal gaase as gaase as lurg gerrid haink ee dy ve ny cohirreyder ec Brands Hatch chammah's Snetterton ratchal sy rang 50cc fy yerrey.

In 1962 she became the first woman solo rider to ride the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy course in an official event, riding her Italian Itom 50cc Racer into 22nd place in a field of 25. Swain was hooked and shortly after crossing the finishing line she announced plans to return the following year.

Ayns 1962 haink ee dy ve yn chied ven-varkee un-phersoonagh ren markiagh er Coorse TT Ellan Vannin ayns ratch oikoil. V'ee markiagh er yn ratcheyder Idaalagh eck, yn Itom 50cc, as v'ee syn 22ah ynnyd ass 25 ec y jerrey. V'ee slane jeean son ratchal nish as tammylt beg lurg jee goll tessen y linney jerree hoilshee ee magh ny plannyn eck son cheet er ash y vlein er giyn.

That was until the sport's governing body, the FIM, revoked Swain's international licence.

Shen ny va foee derrey ren sheshaght gurneil yn spoyrt, yn FIM, goaill er ash yn kied ratchal eddyrashoonagh ec Swain.

Curator of social history for Manx National Heritage, Matthew Richardson, says the decision was a sign of the times.

Ta curmeyder shennaghys theayagh son Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin, Matthew Richardson, gra dy re cowrey yn traa shen va'n reaghey.

"Having a male racer injured or killed on the TT course was one thing, but the organisers were just not prepared to take the risk of that happening to a woman.

"V'eh olk dy liooar fakin ratcheyderyn firryn goll er marroo ny lhottey er y choorse TT, as cha row ny reagheyderyn aarloo dy lhiggey da'n red cheddin taghyrt da ben.

During the early sixties there was a feeling that the Isle of Man TT was too dangerous a race for solo women competitors.

Ec toshiaght ny bleeantyn tree feed v'eh goll er credjal dy row yn TT ny ratch ro ghaueagh da cohirreyderyn bwoirrin un-phersoonagh.

Beryl actually tried to enlist the help of the Lieutenant Governor and despite gathering a lot of support for her cause, her license was never reinstated.

Ren Beryl eer cur eab er geddyn cooney voish yn Chiannoort agh ga dy haggil ee ram cooney son y chooish eck cha row yn kied eck rieau currit er ash jee.

Her resilience is admirable. Swain was ahead of her time but really she was facing an uphill battle all the way.

S'yindyssagh yn jeeanid eck. Harragh eh lesh Swain jiu agh ec y traa shen va rouyr reddyn caggey noi eck.

The sport was even more male dominated than it is today and it was a much more conservative time than we live in today.

Va'n spoyrt eer ny smoo fo smaght ny deiney na t'eh jiu as va'n seihll foddey ny smoo noi caghlaa na'n seihll t'ain jiu.

Many people supported the decision to ban Swain from competing in the TT."

Shimmey peiagh v'ayns foayr jeh'n reaghey dy lhiettal Swain veih cohirrey sy TT."

Just a decade later women were competing again in the TT and perhaps Swains' pioneering efforts somehow paved the way.

Kiart jeih bleeaney ny s'anmey va mraane cohirrey reesht sy TT as foddee dy ren eabbyn leeideilagh Swain cooney lesh y chooilleeney shoh.

Although she didn't succeed in breaking through the barriers for herself, it could be said that she laid the foundations for aspiring female riders coming after her.

Ga nagh daink eh lhee brishey trooid ny lhiettrimyssyn er e son hene, oddagh shin gra dy row ee scanshoil myr sampleyr da mraane-markee haink ny lurg.

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