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Presenter Profile: Helen Philpot
Presenter, Helen Philpot

Helen's Saturday morning radio extravaganza is a fun look at what's happening in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

She likes to find out about the listeners unusual past-times and regularly unearths a few surprises.

Helen joined the Beeb in 1997 as a full-time journalist which included a stint presenting 'Breakfast' with Andy Comfort.

In 2005 Helen left to pursue a career in media management and consultancy.

A Southerner born in Barking, her formative years were spent in Swindon. However for the last 15 years, Helen's been exploring the potential of the BBC Humberside area. As a result, she considers herself very much a local these days.

Her media interests take her far and wide and she champions the region wherever and whenever she can. She works hard to dispel any notion the area is a dull miserable place up North where nothing exciting ever happens.

Her own interests and contact with local people has done a great deal to firm up a belief the area is culturally diverse with a rich history, but forward looking enough to face with confidence the challenges the region faces.

Helen loves her food and loves visiting new restaurants but balances up her fondness for gourmet delights by keeping fit which she enjoys a great deal.

Helen is married to Phillip and lives in Hull.

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