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Presenter Profile: Phil White

Phil White
Phil White purveyor of Golden Hours and gaiety in the afternoons

Phil has been involved in radio much longer than you would have thought is possible, bearing in mind his youthful good looks.

His natural ability to exaggerate for dramatic and comic effect first came in useful during Phil's college days - he spent many happy days studying 'Theatre Design' in Nottingham.

Although the course was based on aspects of stage, costume and lighting design, there was plenty of performance to squeeze in too, and it was then that mummy's shy and retiring 18 year-old started to blossom into the fun loving busty blonde you know today.

That was in 1979, or was it 1799? Either way, it was a long time ago.

Fast forward to just a couple of years ago - and the chance came up to get behind the mic once more. And do you know what, Phil was in there - grasping the opportunity with both hands and loving every minute of it.

Technology has changed in the 25 years since he first worked for the BBC but a bit like riding a bike and swimming - you never forget how to talk non-stop for long periods of time, with very few breaths, about things that interest you.

It is, arguably, the best job in the world!

When Phil is not hosting the Afternoon Show, he loves to cook and eat, paint, draw and eat, and entertain his wife and two gorgeous kids; and eat.

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