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Studio Microphones

We're always telling you about what we are doing at the BBC, but suspect you don't always have a pen and piece of paper around to jot down the details.

The good news is that from now on you can find the details here.

From how to get all our sports' commentaries, to how to get in touch.

How we put our news and weather bulletins together and about how you can tell us about a news story or other event.

Sport is important in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire! With four professional teams to cover in just football and rugby, it's a major task to bring you the leading coverage. The passion the coverage generates can be heard in the nightly Sportstalk programme (Mon to Fri 1800-1930) and in our post match phone in's after all the major games.


Commentary box
David Burns in the commentary box at Wembley Stadium

The BBC deal with the clubs means that we'll also be able to offer our commentaries to the clubs' websites. Why can't you hear our commentaries on our own BBC website? The answer is that each of the clubs has their own website and an online rights deal that means their match commentaries can only be heard via club websites.

Rugby League

We have commentary deals in place that ensure we can bring you full match coverage of both Hull FC and Hull Kingston Rovers. We also have the frequencies available to ensure that when both teams are playing at the same time - you have the choice of which match to listen to.

We're the only station in the region that can offer that service. We also provide live match commentaries via our website. So where ever you are in the world, you can hear your teams game online at www.bbc.co.uk/humberside

Contacting BBC Radio Humberside programmes

Our presenters love to hear from you! E mail and text has revolutionised how you can contact the person on air right now. However, did you know that we get hundreds of e mails and texts every day. We try to mention as many of your messages on air as we can, but we can't guarantee that every text or e mail will make it to air. They are all read, but because of the volume of them, we just can't use every one of them in our programmes.

Some of our programmes are recorded, but during these you'll never be asked to ring, text or e mail any thoughts to be included in actual programme - well, as its recorded, we wouldn't be able to get them included in that show. However, some recorded programmes will give you the chance to offer a contribution by post or e mail for a later programme, but we'll always make that clear.

Phone keypad
There are many ways to get in touch

Calling BBC Radio Humberside on our phone in numbers (Hull - 01482 225959 or Grimsby - 01472 340959) only costs you the same as ringing any other number in Grimsby or Hull. For most people in our broadcast region, that'll be the cost of a standard local call. There are no additional charges made by us for your call.


We don't run day to day competitions on BBC Radio Humberside, we've not done so for some time now. Some of our programmes offer "brain teasers" or "challenges" for you to join in with, like the Breakfast Show Team Teaser. However, we make it really clear that these are just for fun - something you can join in with at home or in your car. We don't offer prizes for these teasers, that's why we make it clear they are just for fun.

When we do run formal competitions, we'll make it really clear what the prize is and how you can enter. We'll also publish here, on the website, all the rules, terms and conditions associated with that competition. Any formal competitions run on BBC Radio Humberside, or here on the website, will be run in accordance with the BBC's published guidelines for competitions and our interaction with audiences:

Where does the news come from?

The simple answer is "everywhere". News stories are all around you, all the time. In recent years the phrase "citizen journalism" has really come into focus. That means you might have the lead story for tomorrow right under your nose - but can you spot it?

Our news teams on radio, tv and the web, are tapped in to all the traditional sources of news - the Police, Fire and Ambulance authorities, local councils and politicians, major companies and organisations. We're part of the BBC's international newsgathering organisation as well - so whatever the big stories are in the UK or abroad, we share the experience of BBC reporters and correspondents around the globe. However, its true to say that often the best stories come from you.

John Simpson
John Simpson: One of the BBC's global network of reporters

We love to investigate the stories you think are the most important. Across our local BBC services we have the airtime and the web space to be able explore the things that affect you day in, day out. Andy Comfort at Breakfast and Peter Levy at lunchtime want to hear from you if you think theres a story they should be investigating. With the right stories, you might even have the chance to do your own reporting and investigating.

So - is tomorrows lead story on your doorstep now? Here's how to contact our news and programme teams:

Andy Comfort: call during the show on Hull (01482) 225959 or Grimsby (01472) 340959 or e mail: andy.comfort@bbc.co.uk

Newsroom: call 01482 323232 or e mail: humberside.news@bbc.co.uk

Peter Levy: call during the show on Hull (01482) 225959 or Grimsby (01472) 340959 or e mail: peter.levy@bbc.co.uk

Weather on BBC Radio Humberside

The first full time local weather forecaster for our region joined the team only fairly recently. Sarah Cruddas can be heard every weekday morning as part of the Andy Comfort Breakfast Show.

She's has a science background (the Young Scientist of the Year at one point) and was trained by the Met Office in her forecasting skills. Her day starts early, the first briefing with the Met Office is happening as we come on air each weekday morning at 5am.

Sarah Cruddas
Sarah Cruddas delivers a weather bulletin

As well as live forecasts for our Breakfast Show, Sarah is on hand to provide your regional morning forecasts during Breakfast on BBC ONE. Then she's then on hand with the forecasts used by BBC Radio Humberside across the morning, until Paul Hudson takes over for the rest of the day.

Sarah uses start of the art systems, linked directly to the Met Office, to get the data she needs to work out the daily forecasts - but no computer can put the interpretation on the data, so its Sarah who needs to work out what it all means for us.

Individual Programmes

Andy Comfort at Breakfast

You can contact Andy and the team at any time by e mail:andy.comfort@bbc.co.uk or during the programme (weekdays 6.30-9am) give them a ring or send a text if you want to join in the talking points or to make comment on the stories they are covering. Simply call Hull (01482) 225959 or Grimsby (01472) 340959. You can text the show on 07786 200 959.

Andy Comfort
Andy Comfort in action

Here online you can find the programmes daily "Breakfast Blog" - gossip from behind the scenes, pictures of the team at work and a chance to catch up on the facts of the day and the team teasers.

The Peter Levy Show

You can contact Peter at any time by e mail; peter.levy@bbc.co.uk or during the programme (weekdays 12-2pm) pick up the phone if you've got a comment or a story you think he should be looking into. Simply call Hull (01482) 225959 or Grimsby (01472) 340959. You can text the show on 07786 200 959.

Peter and his production team are always on the look out for the stories you think they should be talking about. If you've seen "Leave it Levy" on Look North, then you'll know the kind of stories Peter loves to get to grips with.

Either e mail or write to Peter if theres a story you think he should be getting to grips with: The Peter Levy Show, BBC Radio Humberside, Queen's Court, Hull HU1 3RH or Victoria Street, Grimsby DN31 1BA.


Every weekday evening from 6-7pm you can call BBC Radio Humberside's Sports team to have you say on anything to do with sport in our region, or beyond. Simply call Hull (01482) 225959 or Grimsby (01472) 340959 during the show, or text on 07786 200 959.

Sports Team
The Radio Humberside sports' team

Sportstalk has grown a reputation in almost 2 years on air for straight talking about the big sporting stories. Breaking sports news is often live in the show, according to many players and managers across our region - it's the programme they listen to so that they can find out first what's going on. No matter who you support - The Mariners, the Iron or the Tigers - or Rovers or FC - the airwaves are yours every weekday evening.

The Music we play

Our Head of Music, James Hoggarth, is responsible for the music played right across the week on BBC Radio Humberside. Of all our output, music makes up about 35-40% of what we broadcast, so we want to make sure we only play the songs our target audience will love.

We use a complex computer programme to help the process along - selecting songs from a huge database. We carefully research the music that gets on to that database.

Several times a year we get several hundred target listeners into a room and we make them listen to some 700 snippets of songs that we want to test their reaction to. Only the best of those songs make it on to our music database. We mix in a selection of new songs, carefully chosen to compliment the great oldies you've helped select - and that's how the music we play everyday is chosen.

Westenders' Request Line

Although the boys are very good at reading out your requests, perhaps you'd like to introduce your favourite show tune yourself? Well, now you can, with the Westenders' Request Line. Simply call 01482 31 44 55 (normal charges apply for 01/02 numbers), anytime (day or night) listen to the simple instructions, and record your introduction. Then, tune into Westenders on Sunday evenings from 6pm to and you could be a 30 second radio star.



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