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Presenter profile: Henry Ayrton

Henry Ayrton

When he was just a lad, Henry's big ambition was to become an engine driver.

Failing that, a famous pop star like Lonnie Donegan. Failing that, a radio disc jockey like Brian Matthew.

It took him a long time and a very roundabout route, but he finally achieved the third of those ambitions in 1987 when he took over as presenter of Great Northern Folk.

Other programmes followed until The Real Music Show was launched in 2007.

Before that and in between times, Henry has worked as a storeman in a bed factory, a schoolteacher, a roofer with vertigo, a semi-pro musician, a provider of voiceovers for corporate videos and a bit-part actor (few will forget, or even remember, his celebrated role in Emmerdale as Man in Pub, a part that required years of dedicated preparation). Other than that, his life remains a mystery, especially to himself.

As for The Real Music Show, that covers music from the mid-1940s through to the mid-1960s, concentrating on the roots of both rock 'n' roll and soul but also covering jazz and popular music of the period. Regular monthly features include What Lies Beneath The Beatles (The Fab Four's influences) and The R&B No. 1 Hits and a good deal more besides.

It is on Saturday evenings between 7pm and 9pm (rugby permitting) and Sunday nights between 10pm and midnight. And if you fall asleep, you can always catch up later on the iPlayer.


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