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Goole bids for city status in Queen's Jubilee honours
Goole town centre
Campaigners hope Goole's bid will attract new investment for the town

It has been a town for over a century but now Goole is setting its sights on becoming a city.

The town council wants to put its name forward for city status as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations next year.

Just one town in the UK will be given the status. Other nominations include: Reading, Bolton, Croydon, Gateshead, Llanelli, Perth, Colchester and Southend.

Goole hotelier Howard Duckworth spearheaded the campaign for the town to be nominated.

He said: "Goole has been a forgotten town for many years. [It] has a great deal to offer the country.

"We've got one of the biggest ports; we've got junction 36 industrial park which is inches away from the M62 [motorway]... we've now a fledgling tourism industry with the Waterways museum and Blacktoft Sands. It's got everything going for it.

"By applying for city status it would put Goole on the map and we can then ask the government for a few million pounds to put into Goole," added Mr Duckworth.

We are on the up at the moment and we're hoping to continue in that vein
Mayor of Goole Malcolm Boatman

The Mayor of Goole, Malcolm Boatman, said Goole's bid for city status is realistic:

"We meet all the criteria. We realise we're not going to be the favourites to win this… but if we were to win it - or even if we don't - what this will do for the town is raise the profile for Goole and hopefully, we'll attract some business interest through it.

Mr Boatman, a resident of Goole since the 1970s, said the town had changed considerably over the last 40 years.

"It went into decline after the shipyard closed in the late 70s/early 80s and over the last 10 years or so we are starting to get back on to our feet now.

"We've attracted some big businesses, so we are on the up at the moment and we're hoping to continue in that vein."

Goole town council has until 27 May to submit its entry. The results will be announced in 2012.

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