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Snow brings problems for winter creatures
It's a difficult time for the animals at East Park

The extreme weather conditions have brought disruption to many across the country but how are the region's four-legged creatures coping in the arctic conditions?

It may seem like Narnia for some but the snowy landscape is far from being a fairytale for the creatures in Hull's East Park.

Llamas, alpacas and warm-blooded wallabies reside at the 120 acre park in east Hull.

Since the heavy snowfall, wardens have had their work cut out with keeping the animals warm and comfortable in their stables.

"It's been quite challenging and we've had to do things quite differently," explained Helen Williams, the ranger at East Park.

"We need to make sure that the animals have got plenty of shelter, food and water as a lot of the grass that they eat is obviously not available now because of the snow.

"Also, a lot of the animals' water is frozen in the morning so we have to make sure that's available for them."

Native to Australia, the wallabies have had to acclimatise rapidly to the sub zero temperatures currently sweeping across the UK.

However, the alpacas and llamas, which originally come from the Andean regions of Peru, Bolivia and Chile, are able to adjust more easily to the winter climate.

The wallabies huddle together to keep warm

"The wallabies are quite hardy and do adapt and especially the alpacas, which have woolly coats.

"If they've [wallabies] got food and water they're happy. They usually huddle together and they also scrape away the snow.

"The alpacas tend to come into the stable when they've got younger ones just to protect them really and feed them.

The park is also home to a number of deers and during the festive period, the cloven hoof creatures are adding a touch of the winter wonderland to the East Park landscape.

"It's really, really nice. First thing in the morning when you come in and it's quite a picture," said Ms Williams.

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