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BBC Raw Talent Introducing Diary
Chloe Davies
By Chloe Davies
BBC Raw Talent

Hello all, this is a little late I know but my brain required recovery time after an amazing Sunday at the BBC Introducing stage.

Sunday is of course, the most hectic day for us as the show goes on air 8pm-10pm on Sunday night.

So as well as doing our usual set of stuff at the stage we are also setting up to broadcast live thanks to the magic of radio.

Sunday's bands started really well.

Milk White White Teeth were so enthusiastic they turned up just past nine to make sure that all of their gear was ready and waiting for the team.

We also had some extra mc help from Shamir and Iain, Iain took over from Shamir as the the BBC Introducing presenter at Radio Sheffield so they both know their music.

Martha got stuck in to another celeb interview, this time with Placebo, she mixes with such stars.

Kinch from Leeds really stood out to me as a band to watch, they gave it their all, interacted well with the audience and showed their love of their county with a huge Yorkshire flag.

Just when we thought we couldn't take anymore excitement we got the news of a surprise act. Unfortunately one of the bands we were expecting was unable to make their slot, so Nic of the stage team suggested a band who had just come off the Festival Republic stage.

It was of course Middleman! Middleman headlined what is now the BBC Introducing stage two years ago and were absolutely amazing.

The team were all so excited at the prospect of seeing another performance, but would they say yes? After all they had now moved on to bigger things.

True to being the lovely chaps that they are, Middleman had no hesitation is running over with their instruments in hand and showing the BBC Introducing stage how it is done!

They even said afterwards that the slot was the best gig they had done in ages, including the one at the other stage they had just come from. It was so nice to see the band again, catch up and have them watch other bands on the Introducing stage, fingers crossed they go to big things from here.

The day really whizzed past and before we knew it the show was in full swing, I think we managed to have quick on air chats with people from all the teams at the stage, Leeds Met, BBC Introducing and even some mini festival goers.

We made it back to camp at around a quarter to eleven and settled down for an evening of frolics, if you haven't ever done an impression of Riverdance in your wellies, whilst surrounded by fellow BBC people playing drums and irish whistles, I highly recommend it. We did not however last as long as we often do on these final nights, well I didn't. Last year I ventured into my tent for a jumper and was found hours later asleep facedown half in, half out of my sleeping bag. This year I popped my earplugs in, had a last 'well done team' biscuit' and settled down to sweet festival dreams.

Until next year...


Remember the semi sunshine I mentioned yesterday? Well remind me never to mention sunshine again for fear of jinxing it.

Shortly after the diary entry the heavens opened and brought howling winds with them!

The team were packing up site when Martha and I went ahead back to camp via the burrito stand. Once we arrived at the camping area, the rain began.

Earlier in the day, our camping community had been set up and I suddenly had visions of our gazebo going flying taking small children and puppies with it.

Long story short Martha and I clung to a gazebo leg each weighing it down in the rain until everyone else got back, we even managed to keep our burritos semi-dry.

By Friday breakfast time the sun was out, how delightful to eat our bacon sarnies in the sun. The wind hadn't died down much but I think breakfast tastes even better with a bit of grass in it, it's all fibre.

Once on site, the day went swimmingly. Two of the three bands that we put forward played the stage.

The first being Ellen and the Escapades, who are a slightly different sound for Leeds Festival, being a more folky chilled band, went down a storm. People were being drawn in from their festival wandering and soon were dancing and swaying along to the tunes of the Leeds-based band.

Secondly Horse Guards Parade put Hull on the map with a cracking set, between being interviewed for Look North and writing an online diary, I don't know how they had the time.

Raw Talent wise we had a brilliant day, not only did we record bands, watch bands and chat to bands but we also chatted on air with loads of other BBC Local radio stations.

Don't forget you can hear loads of the audio we have been collecting over the weekend on the show, live from Leeds festival, on Sunday night 8-10pm.

As for the best band name of the day, Friday's award has to go to Chicken Hawk.


Welcome all to this year's BBC Raw Talent Introducing web diary at Leeds Festival.

In the absence of Katy, I've taken over our online exploits, fingers crossed I can live up to Katy's greatness.

A quick introduction then, my name is Chloe and I am the assistant on the show, though at the festival this year I am acting producer.

Don't worry, I won't let the power go to my head. Regular listeners will not only know me from Raw Talent.

But also Westenders and anything nature, fun or madcap related on BBC Radio Humberside.

BBC Cabin
The BBC's luxuriously appointed portable cabin

It would be rude of me not to introduce the whole team so here we go. This year we are a little lighter on our feet, in fact we were worried something was wrong at the camp site and we had left several people behind!

We have with us, John Anguish (Head Engineer and names on the forms chap), Kristan Webb (Resident technical wizard, Macgyver even), Louise Bennett (senior engineer and wearer of fabulous knits), Stuart Deakin (here for the tall stuff), Martha Mangnan (here for the short stuff) and of course Alan Raw (presenter extraordinaire).

As I am writing this, it is 5:30 on Thursday night, I'm sat in our production office cum cabin, bass is vibrating under my feet and I can smell mud mixed with grilled sausages in the air. It's good to be back.

This is the third year I've been with the team to the festival and every year it seems to get bigger and bigger. We have grown from one little cabin to two rather large ones in just a year, who knows where we will go from here!

Raw Talent itself, is part of a much bigger BBC family, the BBC Introducing family. Said family has been steadily taking over the country and now not only has a national show, hosted by Huw Stephens, but loads of regional ones too. If you love new music from your region, get your ears stuck in to your local introducing show.

Raw Talent team
Alan Raw and the team at last year's Leeds Festival

This is the second year BBC Introducing has had a stage at Leeds festival, bringing new music to the masses. Walk from the main arena to the Radio One circus themed stage and smack bang in the middle, you'll find us.

Though the 'new music' festivities kick off tomorrow, tonight there is a special treat in store. Leeds music label Dance To The Radio are hosting an extra evening of fun on the BBC Introducing stage, featuring Blood Red Shoes and Wild Beasts.

Weather wise, we are basking in semi sunshine, Martha has a little sunburn but I'll keep you posted.

If you want to keep us with us hour by hour, follow us on Twitter at;


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