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Toni McDonald - 5am on weekdays
Toni McDonald
Toni loves the sight and sound of new e-mails arriving

Toni McDonald is the first voice on BBC H&W on weekdays - she's on the air from 0500 each weekday.

She also has a show on Saturday mornings from 0900.

A born shopaholic, she spends a lot of her spare time in pursuit of decent trousers.

Being a bit on the short side, the perfect pair is hard to find - even "petite" is still too long - so she has earned the nickname "Tiny Toni".

Toni is a Brummie born and bred, but her family extends to Worcestershire with a bunch of cousins in Redditch.

After a hard afternoon's shopping, Toni loves to chill out with a leisurely drive out to Malvern before heading home to put her feet up with an armful of CDs that she's bought as compensation for not finding any trousers that fit.

Toni is also a chocoholic so she regularly indulges in a slab of chocolate.

The darker it is, the healthier it is for you - or at least that's the excuse Toni likes to use for eating a fair amount of it on a daily basis.

Duran Duran
Duran Duran getting over the shock of meeting Toni

Toni's finest, and possibly most embarrassing moment to date, came when she met Duran Duran in a record shop in 2004.

Though she was ecstatic at meeting her heroes, the sight of a grown woman grinning like an excited 12-year-old and only being able to utter "hi" and giggle probably wasn't very attractive.

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