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Andrew Easton - weekdays from 12
Andrew Easton
Andrew present the afternoon show and Sunday Breakfast

Andrew Easton has made a long journey to present the afternoon show on BBC H&W - all the way from New Zealand.

He arrived in the UK in 1993 and has always had a passionate interest in radio.

He began working at BBC H&W in the early 2000s doing the jobs "no-one else wanted".

You can join Andrew Easton each weekday afternoon from 1200 and for Sunday Breakfast from 0600.

Andrew has probably travelled the furthest out of all the BBC Hereford & Worcester presenters team to be with you, as he hails from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Andrew Easton
Andrew hard at work in one of BBC H&W's studios

Those at the BBC in Gloucester and Birmingham also heard he was a jack of all trades and took advantage of this for a while, before Andrew landed a permanent job with BBC Hereford & Worcester as early presenter, and helping hand on the breakfast show with his good friend Mike George.

Since then you will have heard Andrew pop up at all times of day throughout the week - basically whenever anyone was off work he was there - so he did encourage the passing on of germs in the office just to keep himself in pocket.

If you ever see Andrew in the pub (a common occurrence) chat to him about travelling or Billy Joel - two of his favourite things.

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