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Reverend Andy Kelso disputes Stephen Hawking theories

Rev Andy Kelso
by Reverend Andy Kelso
Worcestershire vicar

Professor Stephen Hawking
Professor Hawking has twelve honorary degrees

Professor Stephen Hawking has decided that physics has made God redundant, because physics can prove that the world did not need a creator.

His thesis is based on the notion that gravity started everything off, but where did gravity come from?

Behind this latest God-bashing is the desire for a totally secular worldview.

(In this), God is irrelevant and the Bible is full of fairy stories.

Since Professor Hawking and his ilk delight in facts, perhaps they might ponder these...

  • 1. Science expresses the universe in five categories: Time, Space, Matter, Power and Motion. But in 1450BC Genesis1:1-2 revealed this:" In the beginning(Time) God created(Power) the Heavens(Space) and the earth(Matter) and the Spirit of God was hovering(Motion) over the waters.
  • 2. In Genesis 2:1 the word "completed" means "never to return again." Thousands of years later the First Law of Thermodynamics stated the same thing, that matter cannot be created.
  • 3. Three places in the Bible indicate that the earth is wearing out: Isaiah 51:6, Psalm 102:25-26, Hebrews 1:11., but this is exactly what the Second Law of Thermodynamics states, that everything is running down and wearing out.
  • 4. In Job 38:35 God makes a seemingly ludicrous scientific statement that light can be sent and then manifest itself in speech. But radio waves travel at the speed of light and science only discovered this in 1864.

These are just four examples out of many that give the lie to those who dismiss the Bible as irrelevant.

Most of the great scientists of the past who founded and developed the very disciplines of science realised that they were only thinking God's thoughts after Him.

Is Professor Hawking's secular worldview, that is now so prevalent, giving us a better society? No!

The fact is that when God and the bible are marginalised, society goes into decline.

As today, in the first half of the 1800's our nation was marked by high levels of crime and violence and moral decay which dropped dramatically in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

What changed an entire national character? Sunday schools!

Attendance rose steadily until by 1888 a full 75% of children were enrolled.

Since then attendance has fallen away, with corresponding increase in crime and disorder.

Because God created us, He knows what is best for us and His guidelines are in the Bible.

When we look to Him and His ways, we find that society has a moral compass that gives stability, and this leads to less crime and less breakdown of family.

Professor Hawking's way gives us no moral compass, just a free-for-all, which leads to a society in freefall, family breakdowns and increased crime and disorder.

I know which society I would rather have!




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