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St John's Bromsgrove's 72-hour read: The Bible Out Loud
A Bible reference
A reference from the Bible (Genesis chapter 28, verse 17)

For five days, starting 1 March 2010, the whole bible - all 66 books - will be read out loud in Bromsgrove.

St John's Church will act as the host for 'The Bible Out Loud!' and everyone in the town is invited to be a part of this challenge.

The aim is to develop a Team Ministry for the district's Anglican churches.

It all starts at 0800 GMT on the Monday and ends at 2300 GMT each night, except for the last day (Friday 5 March) which finishes at 2000 GMT.

The event is organised by the Rev Chris Wingfield and Captain John Bentley.

Members of the proposed 'team' parishes are encouraged to join the challenge, as are schools, groups, businesses and organisations.

It's hoped that members of CTiB (Churches Together in Britain) will also share the load, as well as other Deanery and Diocesan Staff.

How it works

The practical side is that there are 72 'one-hour' slots to fill, and people are welcome to read the bible for an hour as an individual or a group.

During lunch time - between noon and 1400 GMT each day - sandwiches and cakes will be available to buy in church, and other activities can be taking place whilst the reading continues in the background.

St John's church doors will be open to all for the duration of 'The Bible Out Loud!'.


Participants have the opportunity to fundraise for their chosen organisation if they wish - by maybe getting their hour sponsored, and using the church as a platform for a favourite charity.

The Rev Chris Wingfield said: "This big event is all about bringing together the people of Bromsgrove as a united group.

"The Team Ministry is a fresh start for the community, where we are looking beyond the walls of buildings.

"This event gives an opportunity to highlight individual challenges and commitments under a common banner."

One hour reading slots can be booked by emailing the Rev Chris Wingfield.

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