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Cher Lloyd's parents talk frankly about her future
Cher Lloyd in Malvern
Cher Lloyd arrives on the red carpet at the Three Counties Showground.

Cher Lloyd's parents say she's not afraid of the gossip and rumours surrounding her.

The 17-year-old has just got back from the USA where she's been recording her debut album, due to released on 22 August.

"Cher's been writing songs since she was 11 years old," said her mum Diane.

Cher was eliminated in fourth place on the ITV show in December and is busy rehearsing for the X Factor Tour, which starts in Birmingham on 19 February.

Despite rumours of collaborating with various pop stars, Diane says the album will be mostly her own work:

"She hasn't told us exactly who else is on it, she wants to keep it a secret but Cher's collected a massive folder over the years of her own songs.

"She'd pick up a beat then she'd pick up a pen and she'd put it on paper - Cher wants to bring something new to the industry."

'Fame won't change her'

The teenager's parents say their daughter isn't phased by the limelight lifestyle that she's been catapulted into following the X Factor.

Cher's father Darren says she's still got her feet firmly on the ground: "Fame won't change her, the money doesn't matter to her - she's not interested in fancy designer gear, she only buys what she needs.

Cher Lloyd in Malvern
Cher arrives at her home in Malvern ahead of the X Factor Final in December.

"She just wants to do what she's also wanted to and get her music out there - she just wants to sing and make people smile."


During Cher's time on the X Factor and since she left the show, she's been regularly featured in the media and there have been a number of rumours about her personal life.

Darren says his daughter has got what it takes to become a successful and original artist - with or without negative publicity.

"Cher will deal with the rumours as and when she's ready and set the record straight."

As far as rumours about her Romany background goes, Diane says Cher's got nothing to hide:

"That's on my side of the family, not Darren's - I'm the traveller, my parents were and my grandparents were - so yes Cher has got travelling blood in her.

A family affair

The Lloyd family have described how their own lives have been turned upside down since Cher's new-found fame.

They last saw Cher at the beginning of January and aren't sure when she'll next be home or when they might visit her again.

Darren says the X Factor might have finished, but things will never go back to normal:

"What's normal now? Everything just seems to be going so quick - we really haven't had chance to think about what's happened or what's going on.

"We never plan for anything any more, just take each day as it comes - that's the best way to deal with it."

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