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Peter Pan author's celebrity cricket match in Broadway
JM Barrie
Although JM Barrie ran the team, he wasn't very good at cricket.

A celebrity cricket match, involving the creators of Peter Pan and Sherlock Holmes, is being recreated in Broadway on Sunday, 20 June, 2010.

The original game took place in 1897, and involved the Allahakbarries, a team run by JM Barrie, who wrote Peter Pan.

The side included, at various times, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, AA Milne, P.G Wodehouse and Jerome K. Jerome.

The match is being recreated as part of the Broadway Arts Festival, which runs from 11 to 20 June.

Artists at the wicket

The match came about after JM Barrie became friends with a group of Broadway artists, during the mid-1890s.

Barrie was particularly fond of the Broadway-based Shakespearian actress Mary Anderson de Navarro - the Raquel Welch of her day - who challenged Barrie and his team to a cricket match on Broadway's village green.

Cricket bat
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a very good cricketer

She captained a team of locals, including the famous artists Alfred Parsons, Frank Millet, Edwin Abbey, George Boughton, Fred Barnard and Edwin Blashfield.

Broadway artist Jeremy Houghton, who is leading the re-enactment, said: "The match turned out to be a hard fought battle and the winning team to this day is still disputed."

Jeremy has put together a team of artist cricketers, who will challenge Mary's grandson Michael de Navarro's Broadway team.

Michael is the President of the Broadway Cricket Club, and still lives in Court Farm, the house Mary bought about that time.

The artist's team includes Kevin Telfer, author of the newly published book Peter Pan's First XI, as well as artist Rory Stormonth-Darling, whose ancestors were the children JM Barrie based his 'Darling' characters on in Peter Pan.

Christopher Parsons, grandson of Alfred, will also umpire.

The cricket match will take place from 1200 - 1600 BST at Broadway Cricket Club, Snowshill Ground, Snowshill Road.

Spectators are welcome to bring picnics and admission is free.

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