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Travelling community in Herefordshire & Worcestershire
Gypsy caravan
Gypsies first came to this country in the 16th century

There has been a large travelling community in Herefordshire and Worcestershire for hundreds of years.

Councils across Worcestershire are now working to avoid the possibility of homelessness in the Gypsy, Traveller and travelling show people communities.

The total number of pitches in Worcestershire is expected to be increased by 50% by 2017.

Race relations case law recognises English Romany Gypsies, and Irish Travellers as ethnic minorities.

Worcestershire County Council's Residential Caravan Sites

Map of Worcestershire
Red spots show Worcestershire County Council sites

Worcestershire County Council manages sites for Gypsies and Travellers at:

  • Lower Heath, Stouport-on-Severn: 22 plots.
  • Broach Road, Stouport-on-Severn: 9 plots.
  • Hipton Hill, near Evesham: 24 plots.
  • Cleve Prior, near Evesham: 8 plots.
  • Hinton-on-the-green, near Evesham: 5 plots.
  • Pinvin, near Pershore: 15 plots.
  • Smite: 16 plots.
  • Waterside Park, Worcester: 20 plots.
  • Malvern Meadows: 5 plots.

There are more details on this Worcestershire County Council website.

Residential sites in Herefordshire

Map of Herefordshire
Red spots show sites run by Herefordshire Council

Herefordshire Council currently has seven Local Authority run sites:

  • Romany Close, Grafton, Hereford: 9 pitches.
  • Croft Lane, Luston, Leominster: 10 pitches.
  • Open Fields, Linton, Bromyard: 14 pitches.
  • Watery Lane, Lower Bullingham, Hereford: 11 pitches.
  • Tinkers Corner, Near Bosbury: 7 pitches.
  • Turnpike, near Pembridge/Shobdon: 6 pitches.
  • Stoney Street, Madley: 17 pitches.

Legal status

English Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers have the same rights to race relations protection as other recognised ethnic minority groups, under the Race Relations Act 1976.

This protection does not apply to New Age Travellers.


County plans more traveller sites
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