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The Redditch Doddin apple: return of a rare fruit
A Doddin Apple
The Doddin Apple, showing its unusual shape

A rare breed of apple, found only in Redditch and the surrounding area, has been replanted in a local orchard.

The Doddin is a small apple, the size of a golf ball, and is very sweet.

A new tree has been planted in a community orchard on Headless Cross Green in the town.

Pip Taylor, founder of the Doddin Preservation Society, said: "The actual numbers of the Doddin are not known, but recently it could have been less than 20 trees."

He says that in World War 2 the apple was taken into cinemas as an alternative to popcorn.


Neil Marsh, one of the residents behind organising the community orchard, said:

"Like many of my generation, I remember the Doddin - it's a sweet little apple.

"We used to go scrumping for them in our neighbours' gardens when we were kids, and we used to eat them whole, core and all.

"I think it's amazing that here I am now planting Doddin trees with my kids.

"It's a big part of our Redditch heritage, there must be lots of people with interesting memories of the Doddin - it's great that we're bringing it back."

Rare fruits

The community orchard contains other rare fruit trees, including:

  • The Worcester Black pear - dating back to the 16th century and as depicted on the county's coat of arms.
  • The Yellow Egg plum from Evesham.
  • The Lord Hindlip.
  • The King Coffee - said to have a hint of coffee when eaten.
  • The Pitmaston Pineapple.
  • The Catshead - which has fruit shaped like its name.

The orchard has been planted with the support of Transition Redditch.

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