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Hear a tree growing at Croft Castle in Herefordshire
People listening to sounds inside a tree
Water movement produces an unusual clicking sounds

Croft Castle in Herefordshire is offering visitors the chance to listen to the sound of a tree growing.

Headphones, suspended from a lime tree's branches, give people the chance to listen to the sound of the water moving up though the xylem tubes just behind the bark.

It is also possible to hear the tree vibrating as it moves with the wind.

It's the work of artist Alex Metcalf, with support from the Woodland Trust and Meadow Arts.

Permanent record

Croft Castle
Croft Castle has a restored walled garden and vineyards

Alex said: "The water movement is fundamental to keeping the tree alive by providing the leaves with the necessary water to produce sugar as a source of food, and as part of the cooling system on a hot sunny day.

"I really want to show through this installation how alive trees are, as sometimes we forget that these magnificent creatures are living."

The Ancient Tree Hunt, which is funding the Croft Castle installation, is a five year project led by the Woodland Trust, in partnership with over 70 organisations, including the National Trust.

It aims to record at least 100,000 of the UK's oldest and most notable trees by 2011.

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