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Was a curious cloud formation a tornado in the making?

Unusual cloud formation
A column of cloud that appeared over Great Witley

Grant Hinton, from Great Witley in Worcestershire, sent us this photo of an unusual cloud formation he saw during a thunderstorm.

Here's his story:

"I had a BBQ at my house in Great Witley, it started to rain, and then it was thundering and lightning.

"We all were uncover having the BBQ as is was raining so bad, and we were watching the clouds, and I noticed they started to move fast.

"Then, after about five minutes of watching there were like legs on the clouds, which started to turn into a tornado.

"It was amazing to watch, but unfortunately it only lasted five minutes, and never turned into a full tornado.

"I don't know if it is news, but it was definitely something you don't usually see, and was really cool."

If you know what this cloud formation was, email

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