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Stag Beetles: The search is on in Worcestershire
Female Stagg Beetle
Adult beetles only live for a few weeks in the summer in order to mate

People living in Upton-upon-Severn are being asked to look out for the elusive giant Stag Beetle.

The town is a county hotspot for the giant beetles, which measure 7-8cm (3 inches).

Stag beetle larvae live in buried dead wood for five to seven years before developing into adults.

Stag beetles are starting to emerge in early summer, and the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is anxious for people to contact them if they see one.

Emails should contain the following information: species name, place name, location (postcode, grid reference), date and quantity.

Log piles

Steve Bloomfield, conservation officer for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, said: "It's really important, especially in the Upton area, that people create log piles or bury timber in their gardens, to help stag beetles and other insects to survive in our county.

Stagg beetle
Worcestershire is one of the northernmost places it is seen

"This can be done in a quiet, shaded, corner of the garden and the best type of wood to use is from broadleaved trees, oak or beech are great - these support the richest insect communities."

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust has had a report of holes appearing in a lawn in Ripple.- they were 4cm (1.5 inches) in diameter and 15cm (6 inches) deep, and are possibly caused by stag beetles emerging from underground.

The majority of adult beetles only live for a few weeks in the summer in order to mate.

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