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Tree bees in Worcestershire - help the search
Tree bee
Any sightings will be fed into a national database

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is asking people in this area to report sighting of the tree bee.

This new species, Bombus hypnorum, arrived in the UK in 2001, and has been making its way north.

The Trust, and the Biological Records Centre, want people to contact them if they know where the bees are nesting.

Harry Green, trustee of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, said: "The bee is very distinctive with a ginger-brown thorax, black abdomen and white tail."

Bird boxes

Tree bees get their name from their natural nesting sites in hollows of trees, however, they are commonly found in bird boxes in gardens.

Harry Green said: "It's really important that we gather as many records of this bee as possible - and not just for our own local interest.

"Any records we receive will feed into a national database that is tracking the arrival and spread of this bee in relation to climate change.

"It is so dissimilar to other species that there should be no mis-identification."

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