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Bee deaths investigated by University of Worcester
Bee on a plant
The University has a dedicated researcher working on the project

The sudden death of colonies of bees is being investigated by the University of Worcester.

They will be using data from more than forty hives established across the country as part of the BBC's Bee Part Of It! project.

They are hoping to identify what kind of plants the bees have been visiting.

This will be cross-referenced with any hives that suffer a sudden catastrophic collapse, to see if pesticides or some other common cause can be identified.

Staff from the Geography faculty will talk to farmers whose land is near the hives, to get a better idea of what they are growing and what methods they are using.

The University will be working with the BBC, and the National Trust, who are hosting the new hives at their properties around the country.

They'll be sharing data and results with DEFRA, the National Bee Unit, and Rothamsted, a research unit looking a bees and pollination.

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