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The observation bee hive in Hereford museum
Bee hive at Hereford museum
The observation hive is very popular with children

One of the most popular exhibits at Hereford museum is the observation hive, where visitors can watch a colony of bees at work.

The 6,000 bees live in a special glass sided hive, linked to the outside world by a tube.

There's been a colony of bees happily living in the observation hive for the past 28 years.

The hive is looked after by a local beekeeper, and so far has avoided the problems affecting other bee colonies.

Periodically the old queen will leave the hive, taking most of the bees with her, but the new Queen soon rebuilds the colony.

Bee hive at Hereford museum
The bees make their way outside through a tunnel

The observation hive is smaller than a normal hive, and so doesn't produce any surplus honey.

It can be found on the first floor of the Hereford museum and library building in Broad Street.

It is open all year, Tuesday to Saturday, from 1000 - 1700.

From April to September, the museum is also open on Sunday from 1000 - 1600 BST.

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