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Muntjac deer - small but common
Muntjac deer
The Muntjac is the smallest deer in the UK, and is native to China

A distressed Muntjac deer is recovering after being rescued by Redditch firefighters after it got trapped in railings near a canal in Alvechurch.

The Muntjac is Britain's smallest deer and came originally from China.

Unlike most deer, the Muntjac doesn't live in herds, but is solitary or found in pairs.

An expert from the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust says they can be found all over this region, in woods and farmland.

According to the British Deer Society, Muntjac were brought from China to a park in Bedfordshire in the early 20th century.

They spread across the country after they escaped, or were deliberately released, from the park.

Simon Wood, from the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, says they are now quite common in this area: "They are fairly ubiquitous across Worcestershire, in woodlands and farmlands, and even in urban parks."

  • Their latin name Muntiacus reevesi - their common name can be seen written as Muntjac, Muntjack, or Monkjack.
  • They are russet brown in summer, grey brown in winter.
  • Adult males are 44 - 52cm (17 - 21") tall at the shoulder, and weigh 10 - 18kg (22 - 40lbs).
  • They have a distinctive, repeated, loud bark.
  • They eat herbs, brambles, ivy, heather, bilberry and coppice shoots.

Muntjac deer in railings rescue
29 Oct 09 |  Hereford/Worcs

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