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The Lamb Inn, West Malvern - 09.10.2010

Friday Session reviewer Andy O'Hare
By Andy O'Hare
Independent music reviewer

After securing the bronze medal position at the all-in no-holds-barred korfball competition in Stourbridge, matters turned to supporting one of the great venues we've featured in this fantastic year.

Superkaine at the Lamb Inn, West Malvern
This is an outfit that I'm confidently predicting big things for in the next year

I'm talking of course about the Lamb Inn in West Malvern, the scene of two great Pyramid Party weekends in the spring and late summer.

First up tonight were the amazing Marv and Mikey of Superkaine, who've improved in leaps and bounds since slimming down to a White Stripes-ish two-piece about a year ago

It was great to catch only my second (but definitely not last) helping of the utterly awesome Vault Of Eagles - a metal outfit, like no other, doing the rounds.

I'm not going to be too specific here but I rate these geezers highly and reckon they've got what it takes to go all the way.

Vault Of Eagles at The Lamb Inn, West Malvern
They're unique and total quality - so come on you A+R people!!


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