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The Horn and Trumpet - 21.09.09

Andy O'Hare
By Andy O'Hare
Independent music reviewer

One of the quirkiest but most entertaining outfits doing the rounds at the moment is the off-beat rockers Marina Del Ray, who I caught at the regular Black Sheep club night at the Horn And Trumpet in Worcester.

This, surprisingly, was a little more of a subdued set from this foursome - contrasting with the Worcester Music Festival format, which was almost pure stand-up in places - especially when shamelessly promoting the Marina Del Ray approved range of tacky merchandise!

Marina Del Ray
Marina Del Ray "borrow" musicians from other Worcestershire bands

Don't be fooled, though, this outfit has original quality in bucket loads and a trademark standout number with the tongue-in-cheek Company Car.

Bands who combine great music with a bit of humour between numbers aren't exactly two-a-penny, so it's great to find another one to step up to the spot vacated by the likes of the much-lamented And What Will Be Left Of Them? and the legendary 36 Stone.


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